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April 03, 2006

Lukaschenko’s on the Way Out

I’d guess that Lukaschenko won’t last all that long.

The Kremlin could not confirm if he was coming; the Russian Foreign Ministry referred all questions to the Kremlin. There was no comment from the Belarussian Foreign Ministry and Presidential Administration, or from Belarussian embassies in Moscow and London.

One senior Western diplomat said he believed that Mr Lukashenko was suffering from a bout of depression brought on by the stress of the election and subsequent protests. “I think he’s unable to console himself and so he’s not being allowed out. His advisers don’t know what to do,” the diplomat told The Times.

It’s not that depression though. This:

Another cause for stress emerged last week when Gazprom, the Russian gas monopoly, said it would raise the price of the gas it sells Belarus by five times next year, potentially crippling its economy.

That’ll collapse even the Potempkin economy they have.

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