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April 02, 2006

Katie Holmes and Birth

Funny piece about what Katie Holmes will have to go through in the process of giving birth to Tom Cruise’s baby:

I have been reading about engrams. They are, according to L Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology, impressions in our brains caused by painful and traumatic past experiences. Anyone, believed L Ron, who heard their mother cry out in pain while giving birth, for instance, will have engrams. Which puts the blame, if not entirely fairly, then certainly squarely at the feet of the woman who fails to remain absolutely silent while suffering the indescribable agony of labour.

Yup. No screaming or shouting and definitely no drugs. Just great.

I’ve also been wondering about this quite a lot as I dimly recall endless stories about Tom Cruise’s sterility. No, not impotence or homosexuality or anything, but that quite common (some 10% of us I think) simple infertility. As he’s fought and won several libel cases on this very point obviously I’m wrong.

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