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April 16, 2006


I was reading this piece on an early colour film method and rather liked this:

Having set out to discover how Britain had altered, Cruickshank in fact came to a different understanding: “The end result is that when I got to John o’Groats I felt that Britain hadn’t changed that much. So much of what Claude had filmed remained pretty much unaltered. You think, ‘Good heavens, it remains a green, a rather beautiful place’.”

However, the photographer’s name was Claude Friese-Green. All the way through the piece there was a very bad pun from The Goon Show running through my mind. Harry Secombe’s character says at some point:

"Or, as he came out of the icebox, Deep Friese-Green".

No idea whether Spike Milligan was actually referring to the same bloke or not but it’s odd the associations that pop into your mind when you’re reading something.

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Did you check out any of the footage on the BBC website? Simply amazing.

Posted by: Mark Holland | Apr 16, 2006 1:11:17 PM