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April 30, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 63

Once again time for our little roundup of blog posts, nominated by you. You can add entries for next week be sending the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com where our charming and efficient Samantha will tot up the scores and inform me of the winners.

First up has to be Brian Barder and his masterly discussion of the death of the doctrine of Ministerial Responsibility.

In questions after this afternoon’s statement Crispin Blunt, MP (Con.), a former cavalry officer in the 13th/18th Royal Hussars (Queen Mary’s Own), invited the home secretary to reflect on the novel variant of the doctrine of ministerial responsibility that he had just enunciated, namely that the greater the shambles in the department over which a minister presided, the greater his responsibility to remain in office in order to sort it out.  Mr Clarke had no answer to that.  There isn’t one.

Straying slightly from our normal practice of using the post not the blog, a campaign against a 5 pence bridge toll. Have a look around. The merits or not of the proposed solutions aren’t the point, rather, the use of a blog in such a fashion. I’m assured by Antonia Bance that this is getting at least local media mention.

Mr. Dodge reports on the ASI dead trees/ pajamas event. My stalker also had something to say on the subject.

Lynne Featherstone on Charles Clarke. As a Lib Dem MP you know she’s not going to like him but she is reasonable on the subject.

Tranniefesto on safe religious practices. I’ve always wondered where those small Methodist things come from.

Veeery interesting. A Yorkshire Lass tells of how she was caught up in the Bradford riots. 7/7 2001. Read down to Rachel’s comment. It’s only superstitious numerology if there is no connection.

An England Fan writes on the PFA awards. Slightly overtaken by events there on the Scolari matter.

Actually Existing makes a decent fist of classifying the various possible political sub-groups. Way over my head (Hegel? Pelagius?) but ofgreat interest to serious thinkers. The discussion started with Chris Dillow.

D2 tries some art appreciation. Do go through to the photo. Personally I think it’s the Babycham horse drowning in the product. Very 60s. (We’ve had the ironic return of them, aren’t we on the kitsch one now?)

NHS Blog Doctor on bird flu, the middles classes and how you all missed Africa Malaria Day. We’re paying more attention to something that may never happen than to something which kills millions every year.

Bawbags has a lovely little tale. Just one of those little co-incidences that add so much to the glory of life.

The Briff has what might be the most disturbing comment on l’affaire Prescott. Deeply upsetting.

Charlie Whittaker (to whom once again, thanks) on some of the latest Home Office thinking. No, it’s not a Godwin’s Law violation if they really are acting like the Nazis did.

Liberal England on ASBOs. A part of the problem is that they bring into the justice system things better dealt with out of it. (Well, the current lot can’t conceive ofanything that should be outside the State’s remit-Ed)

SuzBlog is also on the subject of anti-social behaviour. Too may pets can indeed be so.

Adloyada on Fatah, Hamas and corruption. One gang replaces another and that’s democracy?

Jock Coats at Liberal Review on Land Value Taxation. Yes, I know, not a subject to set the senses alight and any discussion of it brings the Georgists out in their hordes but still, for those unsure of what the debate is all about a very good backgrounder.

Postman Patel on the secret government activity going on as you read this very post.

You just can’t keep secrets in this modern world. Pootergeek reveals the sad truth behind the Euston Manifesto.

Slightly short this week as our usual nominator of things feminist and left wing appears to have been involved in another party with lawyers.

So, until next time:

Toodle Pip!

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Tim - I have it on good authority that I've got both Hegel and Pelagius all wrong, so I wouldn't worry about it. (I've got you pegged as a Liberal Revolutionary, btw.)

Posted by: Phil | Apr 30, 2006 7:11:45 PM

Jock Coats' blog is pretty insightful especially for debaters like me. It's like every drop of wisdom is never worth squandering.

Posted by: Earl | Sep 25, 2012 12:39:38 AM