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April 02, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 59

Once again we step forth for our examination of what you have nominated as the best and most interesting posts of the week from the bloggers of these isles.

You can make your nominations for next week’s to britblog AT gmail DOT com. I am also being ably helped  in my endeavours this afternoon by Toby, the sock hunting cat, who appears most interested in the pate and cheese I am consuming as I post this all up. Toby says hello by the way.

First up has to be NHS Blog Doctor with his report that measles is returning. Yes, people will die, yes, their deaths could have been avoided and yes, there are people who have made this vastly worse than it needed to be. Ill informed hysteria may sell newspapers but it doesn‘t save children’s lives.

Charlie over at Perfect.co.uk is very good with his report of news from the future. The most amusing part is that he’s probably actually correct. And a second part.

Three cheers for the Law Lords on the Shabina Begum case from Myopic Vision.

Suzblog is not impressed with the way NHS dentistry is going. A grand for a bridge? (Maybe it won’t wobble as badly as the Millenium one though?)

More LibDem blogging from Paul Linford: the Ming and Cable show does seem a touch elderly now, doesn’t it?

Dollar Ogo is a new blog to me but this post on the meaning and point of satire is very much worth a look. Actually, the whole place is worth a look see.

Sunny had a spot of bother on Saturday  what with his rational views on religion, life and the universe. Seems to have sorted itself out but a close run thing.

Judy at Adloyada also has a run in on the subject of religion. She hopes the Queen will live to 120.

Militant Moderate is, well, both militant and moderate on the Norman Kember affair. Ken is also reviving his Sportsblog Roundup so if that’s something you blog on get in touch with him.

Matt Bowles is horrified to find himself agreeing with Marcus Wood....the local Tory Party spokesman. But then something that begins with this line:

One of the worst things a Government can do to it's population is inflict bad laws on them.

is probably something that most of us would agree with.

Liberal England reviews the art gallery in Walsall. I don’t actually know where north of Watford Gap Walsall is but apparently they do indeed actually have a museum. Quite a nice one I’m told.

Two amusing little vignettes from icedink. As he points out, I always knew there was somthing terribly odd about Wales. Almost all Welsh people have more than the average number of legs (as opposed to Wiltshire where it’s heads).

Jim Bliss is back in Dublin and back in the saddle. I disagree with most of his views but he’s always worth reading.

To the Tooting Station takes a flamethrower to The Mahdi Bunting’s ramblings on The Enlightenment.

Atlantic Rift makes some very good points indeed about what’s going wrong with mainstream journalism. Only the middle classes can actually afford to enter the trade. I’ve long hoped (and am, in a small way showing,) that blogging might be a viable alternative to all those unpaid internships.

Notes from a Small Bedroom sends a letter from America. A very fine point: that those rebels were actually rebelling in favour of those rights they had as Britons and against the King’s Government which was denying them.

Actually Existing on ASBOS. Personally I would like to serve one on the House of Commons.

Guido popsup at Dodgeblogium on the subject of MPs pensions. You did note that they raised them again, the day of the Recess, didn’t you?

Natalie Bennett has an early morning epiphany. Fashion has always been sex.

Early Modern Notes on the subject of women stealing. That whole site’s worth a look around if you, as I sometimes do, like to find out more about how our ancestors actually lived.

These two should be read in order as it’s a fascinating example of how scientific and historical research actually happen in action.

If you would like a free novel then hie thee to The Grumpy Old Bookman. Actually, if you’re at all interested in publishing or the book world then you should be devouring every post of that blog. Most especially if you are a wannabe writer. Michael gives extraordinarily good advice on the industry.

One good piece of news from Bystander. The courts are no longer run by politicians.

The glories of the euro-jet-setter’s life from Vixgirl.

The Naijaman discusses an old problem (one I had thought we didn’t actually have any more). The way in which names are race associated andthus sometimes people need to change them to even get a job interview.

Tom Reynolds with another of his bleak little stories of modern Britain. Save for your old age folks for this is what it’s going to be like.

And on that cheery note that’s it for this week. Until next:

Toodle Pip!

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