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March 26, 2006

Transparency International

Oh, wonderful. Transparency International DE (that it, the German part of the global organisation) has got itself into a tangle with a blogger.

Very quickly put, a part time worker was asked if she would work more hours. Answer, yes, if her wages rose to compensate for the freelance work she’d have to give up. Agreement wasn’t reached (hey, it happens!) and someone else less worried about money now has the job.

All entirely legal if a little off putting for the individual involved.

So she blogs about it. Then, Friday, she gets an email insisting that post be taken down unless she wanted to be sued for libel (perhaps defamation? Translation of these legal terms can be difficult).

Lovely. On Friday you’ve got 48 hours, ie midnight Sunday, to find a lawyer, check out the situation, understand the law.....oh, and the icing on the cake? The lawyer is actually the "ethics" advisor toTI in Germany.

TI does do good work around the world and this guy has just trashed its reputation. Well done that man. The lawyer that is, not the blogger.

A more detailed description here and if you read German you’ll find lots more links at that blog.


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Tim, just to correct a detail, the young lady did not blog about it herself. The post was written by another young lady, a friend of hers who is unemployed. She has now deleted the disputed blog post because she felt that she could not afford an expensive trial to stand up for her civil rights.

Congratulations, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Marten! You just succeeded in blocking the truth be told and discrazing the Transparency International!

Posted by: Larko | Mar 26, 2006 4:48:04 PM

Another small correction by a german reader:
Agreement wasn’t reached (hey, it happens!)

Thing is, agreement wasn't even looked for in the first place. after the proposal of TI and after the part-time worker set her terms, she was fired without even getting a proper answer. that's really, really bad style.

Posted by: andrea | Mar 26, 2006 8:47:29 PM

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