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March 22, 2006

They Don’t Like It Up ’Em

Another work blogger has been closed down by The Management. Via NHS Blog Doctor for the story.

A small and perhaps not very subtle hint for whichever managerialist twit was behind this decision. You’re a C word, an F...in’ Twat my Dear Sir.

The major problem that corporations and large organizations have is that they are perceived as being somehow "other". Not part of the general human experience, that they are some unbelievable, non-understandable violation of the normal rules of association and discourse. Which, in historical terms, of course they are.  Until very recently any group of people more than 5,000 strong would be considered a nation, now we have corporations and bureaucracies 50 times larger than that.

So when some blogger starts to talk about what he does, reveals that The Corporation is in fact made up of human beings, frustrated, ecstatic, joyous and depressed in exactly equal measure to the readers, this helps us to understand that you are not the "other".

You are in fact us, others perceive our own work just as we perceived your organization before that peep of humanity. We all know that whatever the best intentions things don’t quite always go according to plan. We know this from our own daily working lives and the frustrations of life are greatly reduced, not only by knowing that we’re not the only ones suffering from Murphy’s Law but also by realizing that your company, your organization, is also staffed by human beings doing the best they can.

You seem not to understand that the very best publicity, the finest advertisement for your organization is that we will identify with it. That brands are not built from advertising on a TV screen but from the recommendations and interactions of every day life. That very "viral marketing" that so much money is spent upon these days.

You’ve just closed down one very fine method of that happening for your company. 

Well done Sir. You’re an idiot.

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