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March 24, 2006

Polly on Gordo

"Polly on Gordo"? Rather a disturbing image I agree. Apt though:

So there he was, resplendent and emphatically in command.
all-conquering chancellor yet again pounded
the outline of his coming era, the dim shape of his manifesto,
But a green glint in his eye suggested much more to come
every state-school pupil as well-endowed
To meet these mighty promises
and others suffered a whacking
needs even more. That's the scale of it,
the panoply of Brown's ambitions
Yet he nails himself to ever-harder (
This week was a taste, a flavour
needs to be the four-course meal
he will still be there to stamp his imprint
what a formidable opponent awaits them.
to dare stick it to them
So as the stirrings grow no one knows what to do

I’m not quite sure whether that works as free verse. I am certain that if we set it to some suitably tinkely-tonkely music that we’d have the script for a movie starring Ron Jeremy. "MIWLFs" perhaps?

As ever my imagination and prose skills are actually beaten by another’s. Try The Devil’s Kitchen on Polly’s Big Norse Warrior. An extremely disturbing (and greatly more graphic) vision.

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Aw, gee, thanks guys! Now I'm going to be stuck with the image of polly and Gordon doing the wild monkey dance until I can flush them out with a few beers this afternoon.

On a more serious note, DK raises a point that's been troubling me for a while. Gordon and Tony love to boast about our low unemployment figures when compared to France, Germany etc. But there is a suspicion that a lot of the unemployed are being hidden on the disability benefit roster.

When people quote the 10% unemployment rate in France does this number include their version of the disability numbers? Anyone know where comparative figures can be found for say, France, Germany, Italy etc?

It would surely be an interesting exercise to see if GB and TB are cooking the books or not.


Posted by: The Remittance Man | Mar 24, 2006 9:37:12 AM

As an aside; Polly may technically as a Mom, but whether I (or Ron Jeremy) WLF is another matter. Personally I'd put your fave Swedish blonde into that category before La Polla.


Posted by: The Remittance Man | Mar 24, 2006 11:18:25 AM