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March 11, 2006

Now Here’s an Idea

What a jolly good idea this is:

David Cameron's Conservatives were accused yesterday of "breathtaking hypocrisy" after demanding that Labour use its own funds to repay a £6.5 million pre-election bridging loan which failed to save MG Rover from collapse last April.

A row blew up after Alan Duncan, the Tory industry spokesman, described the loan, made three weeks before last May's election, as a "misuse of taxpayers' money for political purposes" - implying that it had been an electoral bribe.

No, not that the Labour Party should pay the funds back, they’d just write a few more letters for billionaires to get it back. No, rather, the idea of personal responsibility for wasting taxpayer’s money.  All politicians. If some Minister sets up a scheme that simply pisses away the taxpayer’s cash then (s)he should have to pay it back. Pronto.

That’d stop the little bastards proposing anything new wouldn’t it? Just what we need in fact, people too scared to do anything.

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It seems to me that the Conservatives are missing a trick in failing to mention the Labour movement having form in the shape of the TGWU loan to News of Sunday to prevent it collapsing during the 1987 election campaign.

Labour's claims of hypocrisy over the Tory front bench not having the courage to dissent from previous decisions on Rover also rings rather hollow in the light of continued harping on about the collapse of the ERM policy on Black Wednesday.

Posted by: Alan Peakall | Mar 11, 2006 12:50:07 PM