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March 05, 2006

Henry Porter on the Abolition of Parliament Bill

Methinks the Observer’s sub doesn’t get out enough:

The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill....


a barely noticed Bill will rip the heart out of parliamentary democracy 

Barely noticed?

144 mentions in Google Blogsearch?

34 in Google News?

Including The Scotsman, The Guardian, The Times, The Telegraph, The Herald, The Independent, The BBC, The Daily Mail....this is "barely noticed"?

Sheesh, how much does something have to be mentioned in order to be a story these days?

I will admit though that my favourite headline has to come from the British National Party. Yes, Nick Griffin’s lot, our very own political party of racist bigots:

BNP opposes Labour’s new Enabling Act.

Can we now officialy declare satire to be dead?


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Racists, possibly; Bigots, maybe; but at least the BNP has come out and stated, on the record, that this sordid little attempt to muzzle Parliament hasn't escaped their attention, as it seems to have escaped all the rest of the clowns at Westminster! From the Lib-dems, flushed with success at the removal of an man with the worst kept boozing secret in Central London, through the internecine passageways of the D.U.P. steadily gazing up their own arseholes, to the transformed mediocrities of the Conservatives under Cameron, there doesn't appear much in the way of organised opposition to a most illiberal Bill!

Perhaps we need a Griffin to remind us that this NuLabour bunch are readying themselves for the long haul, and to tell us that it is not yet too late to kick the bastards out!

Posted by: genghis | Mar 5, 2006 12:17:19 PM