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March 26, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 58

Welcome to the Britblog Roundup, that collection of your nominations of interesting posts over the past week. You can mail in your own for next week’s to britblog AT gmail DOT com.

First up is my pick of the week. Actually two pieces, on the same subject and from the same person. These are definitely not for the faint hearted. Most certainly past the 9 pm watershed. In the grossest of taste and containing strong explicit wholeheartedly obscene language.

I give you The Devil’s Kitchen on Polly and Gordon.

Quite vile and scabrous, I’m still trying to get some of the images out of my mind days after reading the first one.

Apologies to NeeNaw, this was actually nominated for last week. Still, better late than never, eh? Sweetly funny rather than the vile amusement above.

Oliver Kamm, as we know, dissed blogs in The Times. Scott at The Daily Ablution responds.

Judy at Adloyada looks at the latest Ken Livingstone nonsense. The man does like putting his foot in it, doesn’t he?

Jarndyce is sort of back with us again and applies philosophy to the loans for peerages thingamajig. My mind was wandering quite elsewhere until I realised that sorites wasn’t something to do with co-eds.

D2 produced a rather good little post for Comment is Free. On the prices of peerages. Although he did need to be corrected a touch on his maths (by, ahem). It’s the sort of thing which makes Twenty Major’s comment on the site (At the moment it's a blog for Morrissey fans.) not entirely and wholly 100% true.

A truly inspired piece. Now that the Lord of the Rings is a musical, why not put it all into just the one song? Over at Becky’s T-Blog, to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody. Marvelous.

HollyFinch, one of the 7/7 survivors, recounts the testimony she gave to the London Assembly.

Militant Moderate on the current cricket tour. I have to admit I’m with the Americans on this one (You mean a game lasts five days? And the likely result is a draw? And you do this five times and still get a draw?) but Shaun Udal seems to have deserved his moment in the sun.

Anglo Saxon Times is running a caption competition. You should copy the picture and post it on your own site with your captions.

The Filter has been running a lot of coverage of the Belarus elections and aftermath. All of it is collected here.

Natalie Bennett really, really doesn’t like that piece in Prospect about the death of the sisterhood. One thought about where all the female editors are though, as one commenter here said a few weeks back, they’re all at the Beeb. Natalie also reviews a new production of Animal Farm. Spiffing would be a decent precis.

Petite Anglaise has fallen in love with Paris all over again. ’Tis spring, after all.

Diamond Geezer with a public services announcement. Why you should not have had sex yesterday. Important stuff (this also applies to Friday as well).

Other Men’s Flowers on the ODMB. A few early people in it, many early important people not, for they were foreigners you see.

The Law West of Ealing Broadway on not being able to deal with a master criminal. Must be soooo frustrating.

We’re not quite sure if this indeed based in these isles but Chaucer Hath A Blog.

For budding writers of historical fiction. Carla Nayland on which set of place names to use, ancient or modern?

Continuing the theme, a blog devoted to restoring the reputation of Edward II. Sorry, but was he the Hammer of the Scots or the one who ended with the poker? Bit hazy about that bit of history.

A lawyer writes on the strange things lawyers do.

To round it all off, GnotAlex on cheesy music videos. Leonard Nimoy with The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins anyone?

And that’s it! Until next week, same time, same place on the dial, this is the Britblog Roundup saying:

Toodle Pip!

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I played the Nimoy tune for my fiance and a mate of ours...we didn't make it until the end before they made me turn it off.

Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge | Mar 27, 2006 2:00:05 PM