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March 19, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 57

Welcome once again to the Britblog Roundup, that collection of your nominations of the best from these isles this past week.

You can send entries for nexrt week’s to britblog AT gmail DOT com.

One comment on The Guardian’s little adventure. A bloke came up to me in the pub last night (and remember, I’m in Portugal) to ask whether it was actually essential for me to make cat jokes on every George Galloway entry. Err, yes, was the answer, one I highly recommend to all.

Tragic news I’m afraid about Tom Reynolds over at Random Reality. He is no longer blogging. Not quite sure what to call what he is doing but research before posting clearly means it’s no longer blogging.

Judy at Adloyada had news of a coup at The Guardian. A certain Ms. Phillips to replace Master Milne. Should have seen it coming really, with a line like that, for the explanation is here.

The Year of the Big Drought has come to an end. Paddy’s Day to Paddy’s Day without a sip.

On which subject of course we have had Twenty Major liveblogging the event from his stool at Ron’s. Essential reading. Start there and follow the other posts.

Squeaking in under the wire because it’s just so good is this from Becky’s T-blog. All I’ve ever known about Norfolk is that it’s very flat. Apparently someone else thinks that it’s a good place to sell books describing ebonics. In Japanese. Perhaps Mr. Nosemonkey’s wife would like to have a look at this one?

Chikky Yoggy took up the banner of the campaign to mock Charlie the Safety Elephant. Rather ran with it too.

Make My Vote Count has the Berlusconi/Jacques Celebrity Death Match. I too found the original articly, in which a Marxist berates an elected democrat for betraying freedom a touch odd.

Jackie Danicki has a go at Ollie Kamm over that piece on blogging he did for The Times. Have to admit I’m not sure about it myself. My original reading was that it was simply very very dry wit.

Coffee and PC on the uses of Derrida. Which obscurantist philosopher do you have to read to get to third base?

DoctorVee is very sorry for writing his post, linking Comment is Free, Ollie as above and many others into a description of what blogging is to him. Meta blogging I believe it’s known as and as I’m now doing so again is this meta-meta blogging?

Taking Aim on the predicted death of the iPod. He actually does some real investigative reporting! On a blog!

Guido writes over at Dodgeblogium on state funding for political parties. No seems to be both a suitable and reasonable answer.

The World of Barmcake (what a great name!) also unloads himself on the Ollie article with a few more choice targets besides. He links to a number of blogs that will pay further investigation as well.

Militant Moderate has a reasoned piece on why there should not be state funding for political parties.

The Filter remembers those 364 economists and their letter. A clear and concise post explaining why they were wrong.

The Void had some advice on how to act at that march in London yesterday. Or is it next week and I’ve still got time to come over and enter his points make prizes competition?

Robert Sharp with yet more on Comment is Free, this time taking issue with Ms. Huffington (anyone remember which cult she got Bernard Levin to join?).

The comments section in this Europhobia post carries on the discussion of just who is a blogger and who is not, what it’s all about. I guess this post is now getting to the stage of meta-meta-meta blogging.

Unity did a lovely little piece of digging over at Liberty Central. I’ve seen that meme starting to pop up in the press now so I assume it was first aired there.

Rhetorically Speaking on why Ian Blair was recording certain of his phone calls. Perhaps he simply didn’t trust the person at the other end?

Quaequam Blog on devolution and federalism. I disagree but then that’s what makes it all so interesting, isn’t it?

SuzBlog makes an interesting point, on how having grandchildren can lead to gardening. Isn’t there a saying, old men plant trees, young ones cut them down?

I have to admit I still haven’t worked out the Darbyshires. A spoof or not?

Ian Dale doesn’t quite get the point of the Charlie Kennedy book coming out soon.

Natalie Bennett on the changes in abortion law in the US and how these disagree with the economic interests of the other part of the coalition with the fundamentalists.

If you’re into history then you’ll want to check out the Early and Modern History Carnival. Professors battling over the Holy Prepuce indeed!

London Underground on what people are wearing on the Tube this week. Not all of it entirely suitable.

Petrona is also on the Ollie Kamm piece. Very interesting to hear what someone who’s only been blogging a few months thinks about it.

Both Mind The Gap and Rhetorically Speaking are appalled at the anti-rape campaign going on. As one puts it, how to campaign against the objectification of women by objectifying women?

Diamond Geezer has one of his excellent pieces on London. This time, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Bakerloo line. Whether you know London or not you’ll want to read this.

Vixgirl can feel spring breaking out all over. But not, annoyingly, just quite yet.

And that’s it, the Britblog Roundup for another week. Until next time:

Toodle Pip!

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