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March 26, 2006

Ben Domenech

Wow, lookee here, there’s a blogging job on offer to some lucky conservative type at The Washington Post. To provide balance to the paper’s more normally liberal output, or perhaps, as some have suggested, to allow the WaPo’s more normally liberal readership to have their prejuduces about conservatives confirmed.

The story of the previous incumbent, Ben Domenech, can be followed at Wizbang , Patterico’s Pontifications, Michelle Malkin, Dan Riehl’s, Joe Gandelman. Right Thoughts and Firedoglake.

Now to the important question. Who should this new blogger be? Instapundit thinks it should be Bill Hobbs.

I’m afraid, at the risk of contradicting the BlogFather, that this is incorrect.

As I am told in the comments at Crooked Timber, the job requires that:

No need to send a resume. Just start being vile to everyone who’s to the left of you, and the Post may well be in touch.

Hey, I can do that! Vileness to all those to the left of me requires only that I insult the entire universe. As long as I restrict my blogging for the Washington Post to that period of the day before caffeine and nicotine (that decidedly short period I should add) it’ll be easy. Compulsory even.

That someone who writes for TCSDaily and the Adam Smith Institute gets the job will rile all the liberals nicely, that I’ve already made at least one howling error in my writing means that no one will need an excuse to fire me if that should become necessary and, yes, there’s even more.

Identifying the pagiarism will be easy. I already steal most of my jokes from PJ O’Rourke and no, I don’t have permission so that’s OK. More importantly, anything written with a modicum of wit, sense, intelligence or even rational argument will obviously have been lifted from somewhere else.

I’ll fit right in won’t I? Absolutely perfect for the job!

No, no, I don’t mean at the blog. The Washington Post, silly!

So, do I get the job?

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If the Washington Post is looking for a very reasonable and modest conservative I could be persuaded to take the job.

Posted by: Jon Swift | Mar 26, 2006 4:24:55 PM

LOL. When the addled liberals of the WaPo finally brace themselves to hire a-- gasp-- Bush supporter, he turns out to have ripped off practically everything he wrote, often verbatim. Not so much a journalist (even an inexperienced GOP-flack one) as an anthologist.

Posted by: Love Supreme | Mar 26, 2006 6:21:44 PM