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March 31, 2006

Anna Benson Divorce

One thing I always know about is when Anna Benson has done something newsworthy. One of my old posts comes up on the front page of Google for anyone searching for "Anna Benson" so when the search engines get hit I know about it.

One of her claims to fame was that she said that if her husband, Kris, ever fooled around on her then she’d sleep with all of his team mates at the New York Mets. Kris (for English readers, he’s a baseball player) recently got traded to the Baltimore Orioles...the news of the upcoming divorce is likely to disappoint those members of the Oriole’s team who were lining Kris up for dates.

Err, why would that be?


More here.

Quite the most remarkable thing though? Rather more stunning than a divorce from a rich man coming through in the seventh year of marriage (you gotta be married for a certain number of years to get your hands on the alimoney)?

Oliver Willis has cracked a rather decent funny on the subject. Maybe she should get divorced more often?


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