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February 26, 2006

The Maximum Tone on Liberty.

The Dear Leader writes:

There is a charge, crafted by parts of the right wing and now taken up by parts of the left, that New Labour is authoritarian, in particular, that I am. We are intent on savaging British liberties, locking up those who dissent and we abhor parliamentary or other accountability.The reason right wingers are keen on this is clear.

Indeed. That’s because we are right. Not just right wing but correct.

The Civil Contingencies Act,  the Serious Crimes and Police Act,  the abolition of jury trial, of double jeopardy, ID cards, glorification of terrorism, ASBOs (a jail sentence for something that isn’t actually a crime without a trial?), the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill....

The legal structure in this country now gives us less protection against the State than it has for a century or more and the Executive more power than it has had since 1689.

We claim that you are an authoritarian because you are.

And furthermore Prime Minster, fuck you.

(Slightly weird to be linked to from Democratic Underground but welcome.)

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Grah! OK, so I need a different citation search system, bloglines didn't twig you or Tim Neale at all, both written before I said I wouldn't link to any more.

Any suggestions for "pages discussing this story" other than technoranki's "I'm sorry" page and bloglines citations page?

Oh, good post by the way, especially the ending.

Posted by: MatGB | Feb 26, 2006 9:03:31 PM

If we are charitable and accept that Tony really believes he isn't Ceaucescu with a smily face, then we are left with only one possible conclusion: He hasn't got a fucking clue.

In some ways this is even more frightening; despots can display some degree of competence, the clueless rarely do.


Posted by: The Remittance Man | Feb 27, 2006 8:33:03 AM