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February 26, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 54

Welcome to our 54 th iteration of the Britblog Roundup, that selection of blog posts that you, the readers, have said that everyone else should go and have a look at. This is the purpose folks, getting the collective intelligence to point us to the good stuff.

First up has to be Anomaly UK. Mostly because Natalie Solent said that it should be but it’s also true that he’s spotted something fascinating in the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill.  It moves us much closer to the model of governance of the EU andaway from our own historical basis in hte sovereignty of the Crown in Parliament.

Adloyada is less than impressed with the BBC’s coverage of the David Irving case. Looks like she might have actually changed their report by remarking upon it.

The Drink Soaked Trots have picked up on that Word Clouds thing. As always, they’ve done something different with it and applied it to another site, not their own. Lenin’s Tomb actually.

Anglo Saxon Chronicle also takes to the graphics program. Mocking Nestle, something that should appeal to both left and right.

A blog new to me, the void, on yet another piece of idiotic computer rubbish from the government. Looks like a lot of good stuff on that blog so scroll around. This specific piece is about the new website explaining all about drugs to teenagers. Most of what they say is actually wrong especially about the law...slightly worrying when you realize it was written by those who actually make the law.

Mr. Eugenides on further government idiocy, this time in Zimbabwe. Just as an exercise could anyone who manages to find a blog that supports what Mugabe is doing let me know? Is there anyone out there crazed enough, from left or right, who actually supports what is going on?

Nosemonkey digs out the Bagehot to explain quite what violent damage is being done to our constitution. Mkae sure you read the comment by Blimpish as well. Good point that.

A Tangled Web picks up on those numbers from the Spectator about State dependency. If the figures presented are to be believed then there are parts of the country more statist than the Soviet Union itself was.

Curious Hamster parses what El Tone says on the subject of rendition flights. It’s extremely delicately phrased.

Make My Vote Count starts out promisingly, on the virtues of idleness, gets better when pointing out that we’d prefer it if many more politicians adopted said virtues and then....well, the solution won’t be a surprise to regular readers.

The Yorkshire Ranter looks at an FT piece on blogs. Sad really, the piece is so awul, so full of inaccuracies, it could have been written by a blogger (present company excepted,of course).

If I was responsible for this heap of facile crapola I'd throw in the towel and go into public relations.

Fortunately the Pictie papers don’t get sold south of the border whichis why I’ve never heard of Alison Rowatt. As the Devil’s Kitchen points out, this is all to the good.

A certain Mr. AI Dodge is running a site with podcasts of 100 word short stories. Go take a look.

The Law West of Ealing Broadway has changed his name. He also gives us what is at the heart of his blogging:

I have no wish to offend anybody** so I have altered the header, but left everything else unchanged.

**Excluding the following groups that I wish to offend as often as possible:

Some list there actually.

Ken Owen with a personal and almost irrefutable reason for going on the pro-animal testing march yesterday.

The Englishman is waiting for the Black Marias to haul him away. Photographic evidence of his law breaking too. Get ready to bake those cakes with files in.

For those more interested in the distaff side of politics Mind the Gap is hosting the Carnival of the Feminists.

Philobiblion discovers an early pre-emptive clarifications and corrections column. Natalie also reviews Chekhov under the arches.

Antonia Bance on the latest figures for teenage pregnancy and what they actually mean.

Ratlab seems to be well along in the wisdom of years. We all start out appropriately liberal and then become more realistic:

I mean, is it too much to ask that drunken teenagers murder each other on the platform so that the rest of us don't have to wait for the ambulance and police to turn up before our train can pull out of the station?

Charlie over at perfect.co.uk takes on His Maximum Toneness over his piece in The Observer today. A great deal more elegantly expressed than my own response to that piece.

Longrider on the same subject matter. Not only a comparison to Goebbels but "dissembling poppycock" and other such delightful vocabulary. One you really should read.

The big news from Ireland has been the riot in Dublin yesterday. A "Love Ulster" march by Unionists was prevented, violently, from taking place by assorted Republicans and anarchists. Back Street Drivers was there and taking photos and Slugger O’Toole has an additional roundup of stories and reactions.

And that’s it, the end of this week’s Roundup. Get your nominations in for next week’s to britblog AT gmail DOt com and until then:

Toodle Pip!


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Link to Judy is missing, but unless I missed a follow up, wasn't it on last weeks roundup?

Tim adds: Fixed that. Don’t think it was on last week’s no. She wrote two pieces on hte same subject.

Posted by: MatGB | Feb 26, 2006 3:18:53 PM

No complaints, but I'm a little surprised that you have picked out a blog post for pride of place this week -- the piece of 24 February in AnomalyUK about the ironically named Legislative and Regulatory 'Reform' Bill -- when Owen was sounding the alarm about this Bill back on the 8th ( http://www.owen.org/blog/457/), having been alerted to it by posts in other blogs (which he cites) the previous day. Owen's post, "The Omnibus Henry VIII Bill?", has prompted 17 comments so far, some of them meaty. On the 16th I posted a short history of discussion of this issue so far in my own blog (http://www.barder.com/ephems/2006/02/16/by-passing-parliament-the-blogs-got-there-first/), pointing out that it was at last being fully aired in the national press with an excellent article in The Times by Daniel Finkelstein on the 15th and an anxious letter in the same newspaper from six distinguished law professors on the 16th (see links in my post of the 16th). Mr Finkelstein has subsequently handsomely acknowledged that he had originally been alerted to the implications of the Bill by yet another blog post, by -- guess who? a certain Tim Worstall...

Nothing the matter with the AnomalyUK piece of the 24th on this. But it came a little late in the day!

PS My attempts to turn the above-mentioned URLs into proper HTML links have been frustrated, I don't know why. Sorry.


Posted by: Brian Barder | Feb 26, 2006 4:13:25 PM