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February 12, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 52

Clearly and obviousloy  the most important thing in the blogosphere of these isles this past week was the fact that THE BOOK is now online in all its glory. Start here and then simply go roaming. Following the archives by month is probably the best idea.

The second could be that we have now reached one year of these Roundups. This is thus the all singing all dancing anniversary edition and down at the bottom there are a few recommendations for what people think has been the best blog piece of the past year. Having got all of that out of the way, first up is Simon Waldman. Yes, The Guardian’s Director of Digital Publishing on some of the legal risks they are facing with their new Comment is Free site. And why should we care what risks a bunch of pinkoes are running? Because we all face them too, anyone with unmoderated comments does. (Not to mention we’ll then know what to do when we go trolling over there).

Martin Stabe has more on the location technology that they’ll be using on that site. Apparently we’ll all be from Lambeth.

Longrider picks up on the latest innovation by our rulers. Apparently they’ll no longer have to consult Parliament when they change the law.

Judy at Adloyada provides a roundup on those cartoons, the President of Iran and other similar assorted foolishness.

Curious Hamster explains John Reid’s weird comments of earlier in the week with reference to the News of the World story this morning. He knew it was coming.

Chris at Mr S&M notes the combined decline of religion and singing. Certainly the great choral tradition has been brought to a shuddering halt.

Anthony at The Filter decides he hates zoos. And animals. And, well.....

Blogger is buggering about so you’ll have to scroll to find the Anglo Saxon Chronicle’s remixing of those cartoons. Worth doing so, especially the Shakespeare bit.

Natalie Bennett on abortion and the gender war. Unsafe abortions kill 70,000 women a year (and yes, I know the obvious retort here but I’m supposed to be neutral at this point). Also one of her theatre reviews on re running the Presidential election as one for Head Boy.

The Carnival of the Feminists arrived at Gendergeek this week. A useful counter balance to the sort of stuff you get round here on a weekday.

Hopefully someone will be able to tell me what this post at Creepy Lesbo is about.

Purple Elephant’s Corner on the very first stirrings of the sounds of spring (Coldplay in his case).

Innergirl on the problems of...well, while it’s about one specific problem the arguments can be adapted to fit most.

In the "everything turns up on a blog eventually" category, Pig Sty Avenue on how to install a pond on your allotment.

At Mind The Gap a long discourse on the transition from girl to woman. That last paragraph makes total sense and I’d add that most men actually feel that way even if most women don’t but ought to.

Abaculus on waiting for an ambulance. 45 minutes doesn’t sound right for someone unconscious now, does it?

Militant Moderate explains why we ought to like the Superbowl. Yes,I see what he means but still not persuaded.

Nico at Perfect.co.uk on those cartoons and the local reactiosn, also Charlie at the same place on John Reid’s statements about our boys.

Guiido posts over at Liberty Cadre on the Clive James Show and "the moderate voice".

Talk Politics with a trademark long piece on Nationalism and the Middle East.

Naked Blog takes issue with Gealic only education ("fucking nutters" is the description) and the subsequent comments section is to be savoured.

Murky has also picked up on our current slide into totalitarianism with examples and quotes from the relevant Bill.

Jarndyce is hanging up his blogging boots for a bit so keep yourself warm in the interval with his last two posts on, yes, you guessed, the cartoons.

Coffee and PC on one of the few (only?) UK papers to publish any of the cartoons. Yes, a student paper, which he used to edit. Brings on a rather sad re-evaluation of his decision to become a journalist.

Kitty Killer follows up the story about those two students suspended and then expelled for printing a pamphlet. Fluffy Economist’s comment and anger look apt.


What were nominated as the best posts of the past year? Samantha, if you could just stop that Mornington Crescent nonsense for a moment and provide the envelope?

Jarndyce nominated himself so is of course disqualified which is something of a pity as it would’ve been a contender.

International Rooksbyism on violence.

Jim Bliss on drilling in the ANWR is also exceedingly good but as I disagree.....

Well, actually, I don’t have to either disqualify or downgrade his post for the overwhelming joint winners of the best post of the year are


Nosemonkey on the London Bombings


Rachel from North London on 90 days and 90 nights.

So joy unconfined and lashings of ginger beer for the two winners and the other 450,000 of us UK and Ireland bloggers will just have to try harder this coming year.

Don’t forget that THE BOOK can be read online in all it’s glory here and so until next week:

Toodle Pip!

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The correct permalink for that piece is: http://longrider.blog-city.com/legislative_and_regulatory_reform_bill.htm


Thanks for the mention.

Posted by: Longrider | Feb 12, 2006 4:45:26 PM

Apparently we’ll all be from Lambeth.

Well, not all of us -- you'll usually still come up as being from TvCabo Portugal in Estoril, Lisboa, right?

Tim adds: Quite possibly, although we’re a touch down market, in Cascais but that’s where the server is, Estoril A whole mile away.

Posted by: Martin | Feb 12, 2006 6:17:12 PM


Thank you so much!

*does small dance of excitement*



Posted by: Rachel North | Feb 12, 2006 6:54:37 PM

I can tell you what it was about if you want. Obviously.

Posted by: Creepy Lesbo | Mar 9, 2006 2:05:31 PM