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February 05, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 51

Yes! Yes! we’ve almost made it to a full year of these things!

(Actually, would it be the 52 nd or the 53 rd that marked a year?)

Get your nominations in for next week’s to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Your nominations for the best blogging on these isles, any subject, any viewpoint.

We’re also interested in whatever you thought was the single best post of the past year for our super-sized anniversary edition. Only one nomination per person please and it cannot be from your own blog. I should also have the book online by next weekend as well.

First up has to be My Thoughts Exactly. Suitable for a day when the ICONS site admits that fox-hunting is a national icon (with over 90% of the vote), a story of the urban version.

Continuing on the subject of urban mating rituals and their consequences Jonny B goes on an outing.

Back to the grubby politics and SuzBlog shows that not all Lib Dems are obssessed with sex.

Judy at Adloyada looks at Hamas’ first demand of the Israeli government....to change the national flag....and shows quite how absurd it is and also linked into both historical and current anti-semitism.

The Anglo Saxon Chronicle adds another to that list of offensive cartoons.

Jim Bliss on one of the implications of the peak oil argument for drilling in the ANWR. (Yes, I know that I think the peak oil argument itself is tosh but he does make an interesting point all the same.)

Diamond Geezer is superb on the instructions for an oik visiting London. Part of a series so scroll around as well.

Jarndyce gets nominated for a post which mentions me....which is close to breaking the rules that I don’t feature. But it is very good so we’ll allow it.

Blood and Treasure with an intensely irritating post. Shouldn’t be allowed, really! No one should have the talent to make earwax both interesting and amusing. Bastard.

Eric over at the Drink Soaked Trots pre-empts The Indy front page. As one of the commentators points out, he didn’t go quite far enough.

Gavpolitics writes a letter to the Emperor Ming. And gets an answer. Well, OK, something dashed off by a secretary perhaps? Err, no, detailed and actually answering the questions asked. Are we sure this man is actually a politician? A very good description of the West Lothian Question.

Natalie Solent at Samizdata. A foul and vile distortion of her rights to free speech. I mean, really! As Jack Straw said we know that we have such rights but to actually use them is another thing. And on this subject, of all things!

The Pootergeek is one something of a roll at present. Much more of this and I think’ll he’ll be sent one of those "How to Write a Mills and Boon" manuals.

The Sharpener sets off an interesting debate. Just why are people so opposed to the idea of profit in health care? (Short note. I’ve got a piece trundling through the editorial process on the same subject. Wrote it before that post, honest.)

Taking Aim on that subject of grotty railway stations. One solution, apparently, would be to have The Queen on permanent tour.

I don’t intend to revisit all of the incredibly insightful pieces on those cartoons. Sorry, reading them all once was enough. But this from The Religious Policeman is simply wonderful. Fabulous, a must read.

Sean at The ToffeeWomble points to a reason why none of hte English papers have published the cartoons. Yes, it’s a business decision.

Also taking the satire track is Twenty Major (now there’s a surprise!)

Natalie Bennett on being single and female. An interesting thought, that we are actually returning to historical levels of spinsterhood (although NB probably won’t like me using that specific word.) She also reviews something in Ancient Greek and Polish but still recommends it.

GenderGeek slams into the rather vapid Amanda Platell programme. Nicely caustic piece of vitriol.

Tom Reynolds (off the EMT and back on an ambulance) starts running a book. Yes, running one, not writing one.

Stuart Bruce on the joys of e-democracy. And why a national plan is failing the very same.

Little Red Boat has something to say to the internet shopping company. No, it isn’t "thank you" either.

Neville Hobson on conferences. Having attended a few myself I see where he’s coming from.

A lovely little thing for the econ geeks at The Filter. Using Free to Choose as a bookmark indeed!

Blogging in from North Carolina Dies Irae is fantastic. Given the people on his sidebar he says he knows he’s English. On solving the problem of insufficient female chavs.

Richard at EU Referendum. Very nicely sarcastic.

Richard Huzzey on, again, those cartoons. Nice analogy with Keith Chegwin’s prick in there, making this, at least as far as I’m concerned, the last word on the subject.

Wat Tyler on an upcoming not to be missed event. National Chip Week.

And that’s it, our Britblog Roundup for this week. Same time, same place on the dial, until next week:

Toodle Pip!

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Next week will mark a year since submissions were first invited; #53 will be a year since they were first printed. Sounds like an invitation for two parties to me!

Posted by: Ken | Feb 5, 2006 2:09:50 PM