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January 01, 2006

Britblog Roundup # 46

Yes indeed hangover sufferers! Here it is, your New Year’s Britblog Roundup. For those of you who had a dificult night I shall type this slowly and quietly.

As you know you can make nominations for next week’s extravaganza by emailing to britblog AT gmail DOT com the URLs of those posts you think best from bloggers in and from the four nations of these Isles.

The number 1 post this week simply has to be Lenin’s Tomb and his publication of the Craig Murray documents. I will admit I’m not 100% certain that they actually prove what he thinks they do but an interesting use of a blog, no? There’s any number of sites out there now mirroring the information so it’s well and truly in the public domain, whatever the FCO may wish.

The Magistrate has a rather worrying post on the Serious Crime and Police Act. No one, has, as yet, told the magistrates what the Act contains nor how they are supposed to handle it. It contains, for example, the alarming fact that search warrants are no longer restricted to named addresses. As magistrates are the people who issue such, might be a good idea to tell them perhaps?

Over at Albion’s Seedling a marvelous piece of social history from Helen. I was aware of the change from a la francaise to russe but not of the grander implications of it. It has both Jane Austen and Mrs. Beeton in it.

This isn’t blogging per se but we do needto have at least one "best of 2005" thing, don’t we? The best piece of viral advertising via boreme.com. Yes, that spoof Polo ad, the once advertising the film makers, not the car itself.

Liberal England points to the absurdity of that petition to get Ginger Charlie to resign. Yes, he signed it Mickey Mouse of Cheeseborough University and it was accepted as a valid signature.

Ken at Militant Moderate on just where the money goes in the NHS. Needless to say, he thinks to the wrong things, like nicotine patches for teenage smokers but not insulin pumps for teenage diabetics.

Drinking From Home is pleased to announce the winner of his Dhimmi 2005 Awards. No, not a surprise but he has got the acceptance speech from the winner.

Trees For Labour makes an interesting argument. The recent elections in Iraq show the failure of the entire enterprise. I’m not sure I entirely follow the logic but as I say, an interesting way of looking at it.

Philobiblion takes aim at Blair’s moralistic approach to prostitution. Cracking down on street walkers and their punters isn’t the way to do it. Natalie Bennett also has a book review on her other site, an interesting take on why some immigrants to London make it and some don’t.

Volsunga asks "Whither Feminism"? Her answer is that it should be a more grass roots, socialist movement. Perhaps but I think she might be surprised to find out quite how many disagree.

Diamond Geezer on those Christmas lists and letters. I think he’s got it just right:

I don't send out a letter in my Christmas cards, much to the disappointment of some of the recipients. "Do write and tell us how you're getting on" they urge, as if I should somehow feel guilty for not matching their annual letter with a full list of revelations of my own. But I have nothing to tell them. I have no prodigious offspring with Pony Club certificates to gloat over, neither did I venture any further abroad than a day trip to Paris. I've not taken up ballroom dancing or some other thrilling hobby, and my job ticks over much the same as ever. I remain fit and well (apart from the post-Christmas cold I'm currently sniffling through) and there haven't been any deaths in my world this year, unexpected or otherwise. My Christmas letter, had I sent it, would have amounted to the one line "Same as ever, thanks". It might not satisfy my inquisitive correspondents but, quite frankly, it sounds bloody good to me.

Tom at Random Reality with a quite shocking tale. When will people bloody learn that one use items are so for a reason?

Nee Naw has a similarly stunning (although funny in a macabre manner) story from the medical frontlines. Made me both laugh and shake my head at the same time.

Just in case you thought you had a good Chrismas Feast try this one from meanwhile, here in France. Ever so much better than turkey.

Over at The Sharpener they’ve brought in Meaders to provide a spot of class analysis. The RMT is not only allowed to strike on New Year’s Eve it is their near duty to do so.

Suzblog (and I think she might be right) spots the silliest press release in history.

Adloyada takes a look at the Today Programme’s "Who Runs Britain" poll. Long post and a short precis would be "thank God it’s not those discussing the question".
A little late I know, but you do want to see Green Fairy’s list for the perfect Christmas fun.

The Geek of Pooter manages to find fun even in an email from Tony Blair.

Hak Mao reminds us of the truth about that Canute story. Can’t be repeated often enough that one. (Actually, just a quick note to Hak herself, if she should come by. I lifted that quote from Moorhouse’s The Diplomats from her for a column last year and Nick Cohen did this year, same quote. Can you find us both another one by next December?)

Harry Hutton has discovered the best thing to do with JK Galbraith. There are sooooo many economists who agree with this prescription.

Stumbling and Mumbling goes on to prove that there are economists who are both useful to have around and a pleasure to read.

And we’ll end this week with something both highly recommended and completely different. Girl With a One Track Mind. Yes, a very different style of blogging from what we normally get round here and while not suitable for maiden aunts do have a look at this post where she rounds up her favourite pieces of the year. The one about actors is a must read.

And that’s it, this week’s Britblog Roundup. More next Sunday and until then

Toodle Pip!

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Any idea why Random Reality has blocked links from you?

Posted by: Chris harper | Jan 1, 2006 10:24:42 PM

Not surprised so much as frustrated. Never surprised, though.

Posted by: volsunga | Jan 2, 2006 3:53:03 PM

The Volsunga entry's title reminds me of "Which way Feminism" by 11D, another great read.

Great roundup!

Posted by: Sour Duck | Jan 3, 2006 6:42:39 AM