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January 02, 2006

Brian Leiter.

Now I will admit that I’m not all that sure who Brian Leiter is. But Keith Burgess Jackson doesn’t seem to like him which is a useful indicator. Keith has a new blog all about the delightful Mr. Leiter.

Right here.

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One reason your man Burgess seems to dislike Leiter is that:- "If you have the gall to criticize Darwinism, or to think that problems with Darwinism should be discussed in high-school science classes, you are immediately branded “ignorant” or said to be a “shill” for the “con men” at the Discovery Institute. "

Which seems fair enough, if a little mild.

These poor "rightwingers" who only run the entirety of the most powerful nation on earth don't seem to like it up 'em even a little bit, do they? Poor dears.

Posted by: dave heasman | Jan 3, 2006 11:01:38 AM

Took a little time to look into this, and it seems Burgess-Jackson is a nutcase. See:

For various links about him.

Posted by: Alex Gregory | Jan 3, 2006 2:32:11 PM