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December 31, 2005

Christmas Charity Appeal.

Yes, it’s that time of year again, time to do a little more of the thinking about those less fortunate than ourselves. Time, actually, to at least reach the level of doing something for them that we should be doing all year long.

Hey! Where you going?

I’m not going to ask for your money!



We’re actually going to take money from that nice Mr. Google and then send it on to places where it will help.

The thing is that Google wants, very much, to promote two of their services. Firefox with the Google Toolbar and Adsense itself. And they’ll pay me to do that. Money which can be sent to parts of the world where it will bring rather more cheer than if I simply drank it (not, whatever you might have heard, quite what the Christmas Spirit is usually defined as). The terms are:

When a user you've referred to AdSense first earns US $100, we'll credit your AdSense account with US X. When a user you’ve referred to Firefox plus Google Toolbar runs Firefox for the first time, you’ll receive up to $Y in your account, depending on the user’s location.

(Apologies, I’m not sure, under the Adsense rules, whether I’m allowed to tell you how much each referral earns. You’ll find out as soon as you get an account anyway.)

So what will the money be spent on? Two things.

1) Ethiopiad and the Fistula Hospital in Addis Abbaba. Please do click through to find out what it’s all about. For those of you would like a more personal view of the good work done there might I suggest Owen Barder? He knows the hospital from his time in that country.

50% of whatever Google pays will go to this charity.

2) We’re going to send Sortapundit to Outer Mongolia. Of huge value to civilisation in general, I’m sure you’ll agree (although less perhaps for the descendents of the Great Khan).

However, we’re not going to be paying for his trip. He has entered the Mongol Rally and he can buy his own car and petrol and so on.

No, rather, we’re going to help him raise the sponsorship amount he needs to be able to enter the rally. This money goes to Send A Cow. As I say, he’s got to raise the money to have the fun himself. We’re going to help pay for cows to go to some of the poorest families in Africa.

50% raised will go to this similarly worthy cause.

Both admirable causes I hope you will agree?

A few notes. Some will say that I should be talking about "Holidays" and for those of you who feel that way please do read "Christmas " as meaning "Holiday Season".

What happens if this is a runaway success? What if more money is raised than we need to keep Sortapundit out of the country for two months? That’s fine, we’ll just send it direct to Send a Cow.

A couple of tips in placing Adsense if you should decide to sign up for it.

It takes Google some time to process payments so I’ll actually be able to send the money in late February/early March for something closing on Dec 31st. (Please note that referrals for setting up an Adsense account I’ll wait until the end of January to include them but pay out before the Google cheque arrives.)

(Pssst. Can anyone remember how to make a post stay on top for three weeks?)

So, c’mon folks, what are you waiting for? Get downloading and applying!

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Done and done. Downloaded Firefox, but I've already got an Adsense account (apparently - don't remember doing that). Thanks for the help, dude.

Hey, if it is a runaway success, just give the spare cash to me and I'll bring you back, like, opium and stuff.

Posted by: sortapundit | Dec 11, 2005 9:15:20 PM

Gah! Haloscan:
Problem: Server said 'In an effort to combat malicious comment posting by scripts, I've enabled a feature that requires a weblog commenter to wait a short amount of time before being able to post again. Please try to post your comment again in a short while. Thanks for your patience.'

Can't ping you, been trying for half an hour. So, have posted, exerpt:
...always meant to install ads at some point...if by doing so we give a good cause some money as well, then I definately approve...I'm not as keen on the Firefox promotion Google is running; Mr Weaver continues his ongoing hatred of all things Google with an analysis of it...

Trackbacks; such a great idea, so open to abuse.

Posted by: MatGB | Dec 11, 2005 9:17:02 PM

Google facilitate the oppression of Chinese citizens by censoring what they get to access online

Posted by: Anoneumouse | Dec 12, 2005 10:19:10 AM

Was just rebuilding the machine in the shed so it has a shiny new Firefox installed, now just to reinstall those favourites that Mr NBC culled from work...

Posted by: The Englishman | Dec 12, 2005 10:36:28 AM

What? You don't want our "F***ing money"?
What kind of a campaigner are you?
You'll be forgetting to brush your hair next.

Posted by: auntymarianne | Dec 13, 2005 5:01:33 PM

Re: Send a Cow.
I always thought it more useful to send a car. We've loads of spare but mechanically sound cars here in the West that the boroughs only want to destroy or impost upon.
Anybody interested in the idea of "SendACarToAfrica.com" - self explanitory url and mission.
Surely more useful than sending goat or cow.
I can't help but think sending a goat is insulting - merciful whiteman, he send goat to savages in bongobongoland.

Tim adds: The send a cow/goat programs are about getting productive assets into the hands of the very poorest and as such seem to work very well.

Send a car now. Fabulous idea but I wouldn’t run it as a charity. A few years back the company on the New York Stock exchanges with the best profit margin on turnover was one that bought cars in Europe and shiopped them to Africa. The only thing it owned was an old car ferry. The margins are quite ludicrous. Buy a car in Germany, sell in Angola and 100% mark up. But that isn’t aimed at the poorest at all.

Posted by: johnny bonk | Dec 13, 2005 11:16:53 PM

What use has a subsistence farmer for a car? He can't afford to fill the tank, and he has nowhere to go. At least with a cow he can make himself a nice refreshing milkshake at the end of a long hard day.

Besides, we have a good use for all those spare but mechanically sound cars. We're gonna rag them all to Mongolia at 25mph.

Posted by: sortapundit | Dec 13, 2005 11:22:20 PM

I'm all for cows. At work we like cows and goats, and in countries with gender issues or women headed households it's a wonder what a closeted woman can do with chickens or guinea pigs in the back yard.

The beneficiaries often move from below subsistence to having quite a neat little business. I wouldn't call that patronising at all.

Posted by: auntymarianne | Dec 14, 2005 7:53:45 PM

How did you get to 31st December so quickly? Spooky.

Posted by: coolbuddha | Dec 29, 2005 6:22:38 PM

Yeah, fine, but Google adsense on my blog was a bad idea, cash or not, and I pulled it. I wrote a piece about Anne Frank, and hey! .... an advert for Nazi memorablia popped up for 2 days.
Another entry on depression, and you wouldn't believe the adverts for medications and therapists google came up with.Some quite frightening.The adverts for blog entries on drink had my readers pointing at me and crying, "Raving Alcho!"

Generally where they appear on others blogs I find Google ads are best ignored, but sometimes they are simply so offensive I make a comment.

Still, it's better than soliciting on street corners. Maybe.

Posted by: Beachhutman | Dec 30, 2005 9:08:49 PM

Did I miss the update on how much money you raised in the end? Great idea by the way!

Posted by: Jen @ School Fundraising | May 13, 2006 8:43:07 PM