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December 04, 2005

Britblog Roundup # 42

Yes, we’re back home here for the 42 nd installment of the Britblog Roundup. Many thanks to Natalie at Philobiblion for hosting while I was off gallivanting. The fact that it was hosted elsewhere meant that there were some interesting new entries, things that normally wouldn’t come to my attention (or the Roundup to the author’s, for that matter) so I think we’ll try and make this a travelling Carnival. One week here, one week elsewhere, back here and then so on. Devil’s Kitchen has already applied for next week’s (assuming that his business problems don’t make him pull out. If you’ve got that niggly little piece of code or designing you need doing now is a great time to bung him 20-50 odd quid or whatever to get it done for you.) so we’re looking for someone to do it on the 25th of this month.....maybe Boxing Day would be better?

First up is Fiona Pinto with news on a subject that gets everyone extraordinarily het up. Yes, the dread A word. What happens to those who survive the procedure? And how many of them are there?

Austin Mitchell shows what an MP can do when blogging (no doubt Tim Ireland is involved here somewhere). No, I don’t agree with him but wouldn’t we be better ruled if rather more were like him, representatives rather than mere lobby fodder delegates?

Mr Eugenides uses the arrest of David Irving to point out some basic historical truths, indeed, to discuss the very nature of commonly believed historical tales.

Shuggy is also on the same subject and defends (rightly in my view but feel free to differ) free speech.

Adloyada gets two mentions this week. Breaking the rules I know but this piece on Yvonne Ridley is simply staggering. Apparently the demonstrations in Jordan against the bombings were all "soldiers and Government lackeys". Then this on AP and the sacking of the offices of an independent Palestinian newspaper. The photos look a little obviously posed.

The Future is a Foreign Country is celebrating the publication of his book. Sample chapters and all to download and I’ve got a review copy which I’ll tell you all about once I’ve read it (third in the queue at present).

Jarndyce is both funny and wise (a difficult combination!) on the subject of the Iraq War.

2. It's an imperialist project. Heh, so was Japan in 1945. Now, instead of militaristic fascists invading their neighbours and peasants begging for rice, they're selling us Gameboys and cheap cars, and employing half of Sunderland. It's not utopia, but it sure beats the Meiji Restoration. Next.

Do read.

Who dares say economics is boring? Stumbling and Mumbling is able to prove it isn’t. Dave Heasman is also a delight in the comments.

The Magistrate reminds us all of Rule 3b. Not exactly written down anywhere but discernable by any sentient adult.

Chris Lightfoot gives us some of the history of ID cards in the UK. They worked once and didn’t another time for a reason he’ll explain to you.

Tampon Teabag takes issue with a certain David Duff. Most entertaining.

Both The Sharpener and Chicken Yoghurt are plugging a New Blood Roundup. If you’re a recently started poltical blogger they’d like to hear from youso they can add you to the showcase.

The Witangemot for November is up. That’s English blogging for the English to the uninitiated. In some ways a more specialised version of this thing ’ere.

Guido Fawkes has finished his "Press Plagiarist of the Year" awards. An entirely worthy winner. Now to await the presentation.

Wolfie makes an interesting comparison between state centralised planning and corporate so. Absolutely correct. It’s the biggest problem faced by umm, big business.

An interesting new political blog. Ebeefs. Those who like Lenin’s Tomb and Dead Men Left will appreciate it and even I like the writing, if not all of the views.

Liberal England catches out a local politician in a gross misunderstanding of the law. It might sound like trivia but it’s an essential difference.

DSquared, who most of us know as a commentator on other blogs, has finally posted something at his own site. A very good critique of Stephen Levitt’s Freakanomics. That abortion reduces crime thing is given a good thrashing for example.

Postman Patel has something intriguing on the CIAs secret prisons. Apparently the prisoners were flown around on diplomatic passports.

Natalie Bennet ’as yer culture right here. A review of the self-portrait exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. She also muses at her other blog on the subject of menstruation. With so many other previously indiscreet words bandied about quite happily in public, why the continuing silence on this?

Cruella Blog takes on the god botherers. Do take a look at the first comment and try and work out what’s wrong with it. (Hint, something to do with timelines.)

A Cloud of Trousers gets angry with geneologists. Too much biological determinism and not enough on social relationships.

God I feel old and out of touch. Anna Waits talks about the influence of the NME on teh last few generations of bands. I don’t know any ofthem., That’s OK I’m not supposed to know the latest stuff, but three and four cycles back and they’re still all a blur. Or pulp. Oh well, different strokes etc I suppose.

Gisela Stuart was rude about Brussels, various there were rude about her and now Francis is rude about them being rude about her being rude about them. Got that? Good.

Suzblog on being part of a research project. This isn’t, as she points out, your average NHS.

Liberal Bureaucracy (and you do want to scroll around that blog a bit for the quality of the writing) on the public pensions mess.

All hell breaks loose, led by those nice caring people from the Daily Mail (who, were they to be found burning in hell, would be lowering the tone of the neighbourhood...).

So the government gets wobbly (and that's a surprise, isn't it?), and our next Prime Minister, sorry, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, announces that he isn't so sure. The Minister for Work and Pensions announces that the government has no plans to revisit the position (shorthand for, if we can break our word and get away with it, you bet we will). Pressure builds, as the CBI attack the government for backing down from a fight with the big, bad civil service unions (you are joking, Digby, aren't you?).

Have you ever blogged just a little too much? Think you might be addicted? Scribbles can help. Not get rid of it, just make it more enjoyable.

Ken Owen on the violence in rugby. I’m not a 100% certain about this. I tend to differentiate between handbags and dangerous or foul play. As do most refs actually.

Clive Davis is less than impressed with Madonna’s home movie. In the comments Pootergeek manages a fabulous summary of the reasons for her success.

The Disillusioned Kid on the subject of rape. Fine advice there. And on the subject of rape you really want to go to this, at Ducking for Apples.

And that’s it, the Britblog Roundup for this week. Entries and nominations for next week to britblog AT gmail DOT com please and it’ll probably be at DK’s place.

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Primed and ready for an influx of interested articles!

Looking forward to it...


Posted by: Devil's Kitchen | Dec 4, 2005 4:24:41 PM

Thanks for the link, but I should stress that while I strongly agree with it, the advice really isn't mine.

(The other) Dk

Posted by: Disillusioned kid | Dec 4, 2005 9:27:34 PM

Tried to link to the Austin Mitchell blog but it won't let you read the blog unless you register which to me defeats the object of being a blog. There are other sites where I have registered to publish comments, but these are serious political blogs rather some jumped-up toe-rag NuLabour hack.

Posted by: Pip | Dec 5, 2005 2:59:28 PM

Thanks, Tim.

Posted by: Ally | Dec 5, 2005 6:50:00 PM