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December 27, 2005

Attacks on London Foiled?

Ken Livingstone claims that at least 8 attacks on London have been foiled since 9/11.

Mr Livingstone said eight attacks had been foiled between the attacks on New York in 2001 and the tube and bus bombings in London in July this year. Two attacks had been attempted since the July 7 deaths, he said, including the failed attempt to detonate bombs on the transport network two weeks later.

Now I don’t want to seem unduly cynical here but is this just a polite fiction to get us all scared enough to go along with the various security plans?

Sir Ian Blair, the Met commissioner, did, however, disclose earlier this month that the authorities had thwarted several attacks since July 7, resulting in charges and some deportations.

Really? Anyone seen these charges? Anyone got a list?

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I would not at all put it past him to be counting that Ricin fiasco.

Posted by: dsquared | Dec 27, 2005 12:48:10 PM

A bit rich coming from Ken since he has a habit of inviting those who inspire terrorists over for a cup of tea.

Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge | Dec 27, 2005 1:42:35 PM

So. Is this about Ken pleased that the police stopped terrorist attacks? Or enraged about same?

Perhaps some of both. Ken can't endorse attacks that kill the poor. Otherwise.....

Posted by: K | Dec 27, 2005 7:41:40 PM

I always rather liked the joke about the man on the train who sees a man screwing up pages of his newspaper & throwing it out of the window into the Kent countryside. When he asks him why, he is told that it keeps away marauding elephants. Puzzled, the man says "But, there are no elephants in Kent". "See what a good job I'm doing!" is the reply.

Pretty good joke. Shame to see it become government policy, though....

Posted by: JuliaM | Dec 29, 2005 8:51:14 AM