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November 22, 2005

Polly Gets Confused.

Ms. Toynbee seems to think that this is a bad thing:

Eurobarometer shows that only 11% of Britons mention politics or public affairs every day, lower than most Europeans.

Actually, it’s a very good thing. It shows that, however much the shackles may have increased in weight in recent years we are still a freer country than our European confreres. Where every minor action of life must be filtered through the layers of obfuscatory bureaucracy and law that are imposed by the Roman Law system, of course politics is discussed more. It has to be. Whereas ourselves, cruelly oppressed though we are by the layers of leeches imposed upon us in recent years are less so than they, have a greater sphere of freedom of action without the permission of the State and thus need to discuss or whine about politics less.

Not that this is what people like Polly Pot want of course, for when all our actions are absorbed into the maw of the State, the children raised in the State Podding Hutches, all income redistributed so as to make sure that all have prizes, then politics will be the only subject of conversation for it will be the only thing that matters.

This is also very odd indeed:

Let's go back to the question, Who do you believe? That's what really matters.

No love, it’s what you believe, not who.

To believe in a politician means much more than trusting them not to lie. It means belief in their ideas, their ideals and their purpose. It means some willingness to follow where they lead.

What, we’re all idiot sheep who have to be lead by the wise shepherd? Or rather free adults who hire a few minions to take care of the things that necessarily have to be done centrally and collectively? My definition of a politician is one who wishes to be considered for the latter position, a job applicant, one I am hiring, not, please, some fathead with a Messiah fixation who is going to lead us all into Utopia.

Current absence of trust is also a symptom of lack of things to believe in.

Bollocks. Current absence of trust is a symptom of the knowledge we have about politicians. That they’re all vastly more interested in getting the job than they are in whatever they might do when they get there, that their belief in managerialism, that it will be better if they manage things, is hugely greater than their belief in anything else, even than their knowledge of anything else useful.

To paraphrase, why do we distrust all politicians these days, well, it simply saves time.

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Shouldn't that be "whom do you believe"?

Posted by: Anders Starmark | Nov 22, 2005 8:59:43 AM

I read the guardian but skip Polly pot, Moonbat etc. They just all talk bollocks. Occasionally there is a sensible outsider brought in once to do a bit of commentary.

Polly is just pracitising bad (standard?) journalism, which is rife by the way, of taking some factual information and taking it at face value and then making up stuff as she goes along. Folks do it all the time in the papers, no?!

Does anyone in the rest of Europe (yes Tim, we are also part of Europe hehe) trust politicians? - I seriously doubt it!

Posted by: the-man-in-black | Nov 22, 2005 9:43:29 AM