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November 10, 2005

Intervention in Failed Regimes.

It is one of these things that we all generally agree about now, that it is indeed the right thing to do to intervene in failed regimes. We can all disagree about which or what is such a failed regime, but such as the African Union, UN, EU, ASEAN and so on all agree that where there truly has been a failure it is the duty ofthe other nations to go in to help the people left in the crumbling ruins of what once was a civilization.

Helen Szamuely has the details on the next place where this is required.

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It's such a fantastic article.

Thanks to Helen I'm your #1 fan!

Posted by: Rob Read | Nov 10, 2005 1:13:22 PM

Let me guess. Frogs, multicultural, Eurabia, coward, Paris burning.


Posted by: Alex | Nov 10, 2005 2:20:20 PM

Alex - "Grow Up" would be better. Truly one of the stupidest things Timmy's linked to lately.

Still, his resident autist liked it. So what can I say - it must be good. I stand corrected.

Posted by: N.I.B. | Nov 11, 2005 2:10:26 AM