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November 12, 2005

For Natalie Solent.

For some damn reason the email isn’t working this morning. The answer to this question is this book.

The Pocket Book of Patriotism. Biiiig seller last Christmas, so much so that he’s just brought out the Pocket Book of Patriots.

12.99 for both.

Any help Mrs. Solent?

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Almost certainly this is the book I was looking for. It seems to match up well to the verbal description we were given. And even if it doesn't, anything with such widely divergent Amazon reviews must be worth a read.

Posted by: Natalie Solent | Nov 12, 2005 11:04:28 AM

This internetty bloggy type thing really does get a bit incestuous on occasion doesn't it?

Posted by: Chris harper | Nov 12, 2005 1:56:03 PM

There’s also “Our Island Story” by H.E. Marshall recently republished by www.galorepark.co.uk in conjunction with Civitas.

Posted by: David Farrer | Nov 12, 2005 3:05:15 PM