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November 06, 2005

Britblog Roundup # 38

Here ’tis my luvverlies, this week’s Britblog Roundup. As you know you can nominate posts for inclusion by simply emailing the URL to britblog AT gmail DOt com.

We’re interested in what you think were the best posts of British and Irish blogging over the past week, any subjects, any viewpoint, simply those things that you think we shouldn’t miss.

First up should be this post from Chicken Yoghurt, The Honourable Gentleman. It’s a savage (and very good) deconstruction of the standards of "honour" at the heart of our current political process. So good in fact that Nosemonkey, currently on honeymoon in Japan, emailed to make certain that it was included here. So I think you can take it that you should go read.

Owen Barder has a report in from a parallel universe in which The Maximum Tone actually does tell the truth. While disturbing it is also something of a relief to know the truth.

Pootergeek, when not complaining about his father writing to The Guardian, wrote The Guardian using his patented Future News technology (a further example of which appears  in the upcoming book! Buy Now!). Don’t bother buying the paper this week, just read this.

A blog new to me, A Missing Shade of Yellow, on what was missing from hte reactions to hte Kashmiri earthquake. A massive Berlin Airlift style campaign, something which would be of great benefit in reducing terrorist support in the region.

Another long running but new to me blog is by Mark Allen and is called Breath of Life. A journalist telling us the day by day story of being on the lung transplant waiting list (the latest entry announces that he’s had it and is recovering). If there are any kind hearted people out there with sufficient firearms could they go and deal with the spammers who’ve infested his comments boxes while he’s in hospital?

Francis tells us all why we should be boycotting Sony. They’ve implemented a literally quite insane system of DRM...not Digital Rigths Management, but D Rootkit M.....they actually fiddle with the very basics of your system when you load a DVD. So much so that if you delete their software the whole system falls over.

Twenty Major is as outrageous as ever and yes, you do need to read to the very last line. Nice to see people maintaining the ancient arts in this modern day and age.

One AI Dodge, whose various online manifestations most of us know, would like you to start saving your pennies. The recording is done, the mixing mixed and the masters shipped off to the manufacturers. Yes, the EP will be available soon.

Thyat village missing it’s idiot may get him back after Charlie the Safety Elephant’s latest little gambit. An email announcing public consultation on the Terrorism Bill. Talk Politics is outraged, Consider Phlebas is no more supportive and Manic is, as usual, contemptuously dismissive. Check out the trackbacks (this is why we have them folks!) to see how far the story has travelled.

Katie at The Sharpener provides some background to those French riots. No, not just religion, race, language and economic factors as well.

The ToffeeWomble has news for all of us freedom and liberty loving Brit types. Yes, you really can be arrested and jailed for thought crimes these days. Aren’t we lucky boys and girls?

Liberal England ponders on the move from Bonfire Night (and Mischief Night) to Halloween. No, it’s not just the importation of American culture, there’s more to it than that.

SuzBlog has a random street encounter with a Liberal Democrat politician. Scary enough for the season?

Clive Davis is also talking about the French riots....a commnet on what the other blogs are saying about them. Useful to hear from one who is usually mistaken for a North African when in France.

Philobiblion gets a little (righteously I might add) wound up about history, freedom and politics. Given the festering cankers that liberal society has beaten, the various imperalisms, fascisms, communisms and so on that we’ve repelled precisely because we are liberal societies, why are we throwing away the good things in fear of a few men in caves?

My Thoughts Exactly on Guy Fawkes, torture, the background history and, of course, fireworks.

Something entirely appropriate for a Brit/Irish roundup (The Irish drink more tea per capita than anyone else and it is, of course, part of the Brit stereotype) RatBlog ponders over the way to make a perfect cup of tea. He certainly starts out with something disgusting so the only way is up.

Ramdom Acts of Reality runs a 12 hour night shift. I find all of these occubloggers to be fascinating, finding out what it is that other people actually do at work.

Route 79 wants to wish everyone a Happy Diwali.

Naijaman has his Danny Glover moment on a London High Street. God, I thought that was all consigned to the distant past and those few hundred nutters at the BNP.

Are the new ticket machines in London simply a plot to get everyone buying Oyster Cards? Looks like they could be.

And that’s it for this week. Get your noiminations in early for next week to britblog AT gmail DOT com, enter your blog at wikablog and until then,

Toodle Pip!

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