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September 25, 2005

Carnival of the Britblog Roundup # 32

Here we are, the 32 nd installment of what all of you nominators think is the best of British and Irish blogging of the past week. You can get your entry in for next week by emailing the URL of your favourite piece to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Your choice of writer, subject, viewpoint, we want those pieces that we should have seen but didn’t.

First up is something from a group supporting Craig Murray. A calculation of the death and injury figures for British troops in Iraq. Oddly, the MOD seems reluctant to give out the complete figures.

Owen Barder has done us all a favour and provided a full transcript of Tony Blair’s interview on the Today Programme. It’s so confused that his comment that Number 10 doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to provide one is understandable. I’d echo the question:

"I remain unclear what statements the Government wishes to make illegal. Are there statements which are not incitement, which is already illegal, and which are not merely expressing sympathy with a terrorist’s motivation, which Mr Blair does not think should be illegal. Can anyone think of an example of such a statement?"

The Kalahari Lighthouse has a great quote of the week.

David Duff with an alternative view of the John B close down. The comments get, umm, lively.

Mike’s Books with a celebration of Nelson. Which reminds me, October 21 st this year would be a great day to phone up all your Spanish and French friends.

Gerard Baker, New Orleans and Glasgow at the G-Gnome Rides Out. With added Bastiat as well!

Francis has news on a little euro poll that seems ripe for some Birmingham Labour voting techniques.

The Drink Soaked Trots for War have some rules on this blogging lark. They are specific to a few blogs, feel free to ignore them here.

Sobriety is agreeing with Chicken Yoghurt. This is excellent. Double jeopardy, extraordinary rendition, internment, glorification of terrorism. As one commenter puts it, makes one quite capable of inciting terrorism oneself.

Harry Hutton liveblogged the Jet Blue drama in the US. A stunning insight into and psychological portrayal of the anguish caused.

Over at the Sharpener an interesting argument that the electoral chaos following the German elections shows quite how wonderful PR systems are. As I say, interesting.

The Obscurer has the conclusive proof that the BBC is biased. Absolutely clear cut, no doubt about it.

Ken Owen on the interesting way some of the poor have been spending their post Katrina hand outs. As is so often the case it is Orwell who is able to explain it.

Norm of that Blog on the singularity of the Holocaust. Was it really so different from the rest of the litany of evils that we must view it seperately?

Clive Davis is continuing his series of Transatlantic Conversations. Number 3 is Emanuele Ottolenghi.

Philobiblion outs herself as the new "Anti-Mom", replacing Lionel Shriver. The childless are doign good things by reducing the population.

The Filter has two pieces, one on insurance, the other on health care. Do insurers have perverse incentives and is the NHs nationalistic?

Anoneumouse announces both his new single state and availability and his intention of persuading Margot Wallstrom to change it.

Jarndyce on the tax on stupidity that are lottery scratch cards. And now they’re being used to take from poor children to pay for the Olympics.

Further reports from the frontlines of the teaching profession from Shuggy. Professionals managing the system might be a good idea he feels.

Suz Blog was at the Lib Dem conference and on a panel about blogging.Get the word out, what every political party has to do. (BTW, can we get Chikky Yoggy onto a similar panel at the Labour conference?)

Tom Fuller on mash ups and their application to knowledge...people are so specialised these days that one might need to be an outsider in a field to catch the grand vistas.

Finally, Militant Moderate was one this week. Pop round with a birthday pressie or kiss, why not?

And that’s it, the Britblog Roundup (Carnival of) for this week. Keep looking for entries for next week’s and send them to britblog AT gmail DOT com.

(And don’tforget the wonderful book coming which has grown out of this little extravaganza. 2005 Blogged, available via the Amazon button at the top right hand corner.)

Toodle Pip!

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