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September 04, 2005

Britblog Roundup # 29

Here ’t’is, this week’s Britblog Roundup. The best of blogging from these isles as nominated by YOU! the reading public.

If you’d like to make nominations for next week please do so by sending an email to britblog AT gmail DOT com  with the relevant URL.

First up is Nosemonkey with his party for the St John’s Ambulance people. A thank you from his readers for the work they did on 7/7. Sterling stuff all round.

The Yorkshire Ranter has some good advice in the aftermath of Katrina. Yes, there is a French organisation helping.

Blithering Bunny
on the way in which Bush is being blamed for Katrina. Quite rightly he points to the subsidization of flood insurance as making the effects worse.

Blood and Treasure also takes lessons from the aftermath. The ineffectiveness of the way in which governments do the things they should do leads to some questions about what we should ask them to do.

(Sorry about the gap in your reading pleasure there, had to run out and buy a new mouse.)

China over at Lenin’s Tomb has been digging around to find out who had the responsibility to draw up the evacuation plans for NOLA. No, not a pretty sight and a damn good piece of digging.

The Filter is deeply unhappy about the privatisation of the railways....Virgin Trains gets to the be the whipping boy today.

Philobiblion is impressive again. Mining history to show that concerns over WalMart and Tesco’s are nothing new, the same arguments were used about department stores in Victorian times.

Mike’s Books is also Victorian in his discussion of The Maximum Leader’s new Respect policy.

A Tangled Web discovers where in the world bestiality is legal. (To condemn it, you understand, not to give tourist advice). (Once comment: Shergar, ...Honey Honey, you are my candy mare, yes yes, I know Shergar was a stallion.)

Jarndyce is back and has some questions for us. The answer to the third is "Because you love your wife".

The blogathon for Uzbekistan got rather overshadowed by other events so go here to the Disillusioned Kid to catch up on all the postings.

No Matter Who You Vote For has picked up on the idea of an EU fealty oath for immigrants. As he says, it’s rather dificult to argue for such when we can’t ourselves agree on what the EU’s values are.

Politicalog has an interesting point. Since we believe in democracy why are people unhappy about some of the choices Iraqis are making?

Chicken Yoghurt is back and angry. Good, as in good and angry and also good with it. Bring on the autumn frosts! You’ll also want to read his contribution to the Uzbekistan blogathon.

Violent porn and Hayek over at Mr. S&M’s.

Devil’s Kitchen is working through how to put the economy to rights. He’d appreciate help from those with better figures. Start with that link then paddle back.

And that’s it! I expect we’ll be back, firing on all cylinders, next weekend. Kiddies back at school, hols over, the US back at work after Labor Day....yes, full service resumed after the summer break.

Send your nominations in for next week’s to britblog AT gmail DOt com.

Toodle Pip!

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