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August 28, 2005

Terrorists as Policemen.

I rarely write on Northern Ireland, despite part of the family hailing from there (from recent email correspondence it looks if, via a couple of generations and a marriage or two, Slugger O’Toole and I are cousins). The whole subject has been, for all of my life, simply both dreary and confusing. Jenny McCartney brings us the latest idiocy:

Six years ago, at the time of the Patten report on policing in Northern Ireland, I wrote an article for this newspaper which posed the question of whether ex-paramilitaries would be permitted to join any new Northern Ireland police force. It was dismissed by some at the time as a reckless piece of scaremongering. Last week, however, alarmed politicians from both the Unionist parties and the moderate nationalist SDLP registered their protest at the suggestion that the British government is seriously considering wiping clean the records of former IRA and loyalist paramilitaries - those guilty of systematic sectarian murder and intimidation - before allowing them to join the police as "community support officers". As ever, the lesson in Northern Ireland is that one must first conceive of what is repugnant to all laws of natural justice and common sense, and then sit back and wait for it to become government policy.

Who are these idiots?

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They are the same idiots that imagine that the terrorists are just going to get normal jobs these days, rather than making a living a organised crime lords.

Punishment beatings, knee-cappings, gun- and drug-running are now the occupations of these types. But as long as they're not bombing London, then we're alright, Jack...

Posted by: Devil's Kitchen | Aug 28, 2005 10:28:48 AM

The same idiots who believed that by the very act of signing a document, three disparate and desperate bunches of psychopaths would be transformed into model democratic citizens who were prepared to obey all laws of the country they had oppressed for so long!

This Labour Government, comprised of fools such as Mo Mowlam, devious creeps such as Peter Mandelson, and outright opportunistic liars such as Tony Blair, backed up by his shadowy conspirator Alistair Campbell, wanted to get the insuperable, costly problem of Northern Ireland off his hands, and so caved in to the implacable demands of the hooded friends of the IRA and SinnFein, with their sinister smiles as they repeat the mantra; "Once we have a police sevice which is acceptable to our community, we will sign up to it straight away!"

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap!"

Posted by: Mike Cunningham | Aug 28, 2005 12:41:46 PM