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August 05, 2005

Sensible Thought.

The NY Times has, amazingly, a sensible thought about blogs:

It's natural enough to think of the growth of the blogosphere as a merely technical phenomenon. But it's also a profoundly human phenomenon, a way of expanding and, in some sense, reifying the ephemeral daily conversation that humans engage in. Every day the blogosphere captures a little more of the strange immediacy of the life that is passing before us. Think of it as the global thought bubble of a single voluble species.

Absolutely. I’ve said it before myself, all of this talk and gossiping was going on before. Perhaps over the breakfast table, down the pub or across the garden fence but there’s nothing new about what’s being said. Just a wider audience for it and a little more permanence.

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The British Newspapers pointed out that every terrorist act gives the direction of Pakistan as the originator of the individuals so motivated. Has anyone anlysed the causes?

The guerilla warfare has been taught to the Pakistani-s in hundreds, by the American Vietnam war veterans in the jungles of U.S. due to the friendly policies of successive U.S. Govts. to Pakistan as its staunchest ally, supplying them with all needs of military hardware and training. These trained terrorists were the seeds that sprouted to various outfits in Pakistan, started as fighters for Kashmir freedom, but found everywhere from Bosnia to Chechnya to fight for Muslim extremism.

U.S. again funded the Madrassa-s in Pakistan to train Taliban- meaning trainess taking"Talim"- to fight the Russians in Afghanistan and these Pakistani-s were given training in handling all modern weapons including shoulder fired rockets. Russians were thrown out and the fundamentalism thrived in Afghanistan under the patronage of U.S. who didn't react when even Bamiyan Buddhist sites were destroyed!! The Frankestein was built by U.S. and it turned against U.S. and Western Countries in due course.

The nuclear technology was stolen by Khan from Eurpoe and U.S., apparently with the knowledge of the Govts. and now pakistan is known to have supplied nuclear technology to North Korea and Iran besides Libya, brazenly advertising by pamphlets for marketing nuclear know how!! U.S. kept mum over the matter!!

Musharraf repeatedly said Bin Laden is perhaps dead, a Diabetic man needing dialysis..etc. almost confirming his death, two years back. The attention of US was diverted to Iraq and Bin Laden capture was relegated to back burners!!

Even today, Pakistan is churning out potential terrorists in thousands from the mdrassa-s and still U.S. is going to supply spying aircrafts besides promised F-16-s to them!!

Is the US sure that the nuclear bomb would not fall in the hands of Bin Laden who is firmly entrenched in Pakistan along with criminals like Dawood Ibrahim and others?

It will be too late for the West to realise their laxity after the Muslims have struck California or London in days to come and even then a passive Blair would call Muslims for "peace"

Posted by: Nilanjana Dasgupta | Aug 8, 2005 3:57:51 AM