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August 04, 2005

Rod Liddle in the Spectator.

Just to show that I am in fact an equal opportunities snarker, willing to take on the right as well as the left, this little piece from Rod Liddle in the Spectator:

So the cause is elsewhere. Global warming, certainly: we have experienced more dry winters (winter is when the reservoirs and rivers are supposed to fill up) and in the last few months the situation has got worse. Sussex has experienced just 17 per cent of its expected rainfall lately, and the figure for the whole of the Thames catchment area is just 24 per cent.

So, the drought is caused partly by global warming. Umm, our Rod should read Techcentralstation more often. Or even The Guardian.

The real reason for the drought is essentially a lack of rainfall over the past nine months. In winter and spring, most reservoirs get replenished, but in the UK, for example, the past six months have seen barely two-thirds of the average expected rainfall.

Professor Saunders says that the current situation is a result of natural climate variability. Drought trends going back more than 100 years show this sort of natural cycle repeating itself time and again. He also rules out global warming as a contributing factor since it is expected to cause wetter winters.

So, there we have it. Global Warming will actually cure the drought, not cause it.

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It's amazing how many commentators do this - as soon as there's an excessive amount of rainfall somewhere (eg Boscastle) or a drought or an unseasonal warm spell they start harping on about climate change. Climate is something that can only be established over the long term - at least 30-40 years - what people such as Rod Liddle are really talking about are short term weather patterns. These 'freak' weather situations are nothing new - going back to the seventies, in Reginald Perrin there was a runnning joke in which the TV weatherman would always be talking about the wettest September day since records began or the coldest weekend in June. Back then it was called weather.

Posted by: David H | Aug 4, 2005 7:59:04 PM

Rod Liddle - right wing????

He might have had a re-think or two since he worked for the Today program, but he's still got a little bit further to go before he stops being described as confused left.

Posted by: JohnM | Aug 4, 2005 9:25:12 PM