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July 24, 2005

Maritime Law and Landlocked States.

The EU is insisting that Hungary and Slovakia adopt a set of maritime laws:

They have no coastline; no international mariners ply their non-existent territorial waters. You might think that would excuse landlocked Hungary and Slovakia from implementing European Union legislation on safety at sea, but that would be to underestimate Brussels bureaucracy.

Quite right too. Can’t have scofflaws around the place. After all, wasn’t Hungary run by Admiral Horthy for a time? Thus they must have a navy and so, well, makes more sense to me than much of what the EU does.

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Lakes, they have lakes...or ponds, or, well, puddles.

Posted by: Jay Currie | Jul 24, 2005 9:08:45 AM

Well, Hungary has 15 seagoing ships (plus a couple of coastal ships), Slovacia an even greater number (actually at this moment, there are six ships in the port of Hamburg, at the quais of a Slovacian shipping company.

Posted by: Walter Hinteler | Jul 24, 2005 9:20:58 AM

I'm sure you knew this but Admiral Horthy was a leading light in the Austro-Hungarian navy prior to the dissolution of the empire - Austria having had a 'great power' navy

Tim adds: Indeed. He was not just running gunboats on Lake Balaton. Slightly spoils the (very feeble, I know) joke to acknowledge that. The Goon Show used to make jokes about Hungarian Admirals....just as they used to about "one of the French Governments"

Posted by: Tim | Jul 24, 2005 10:51:01 AM

And they both have a really big river, called the Danube, that they sail ships on - ships which sometimes get down as far as the sea in Romania, or at least will if they've finally got around to shifting the Novi Sad motorway bridge the RAF dropped in it

Posted by: Alex | Jul 24, 2005 12:43:48 PM