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July 16, 2005

Innate Sexual Differences.

Natasha Walters is outraged that people might think there are innate differences between men and women. Quite obviously they are the product of our patriarchal society (this despite the evidence that large parts of the population live in a matriarchal society).

If, as this programme suggests, an experiment in which men fail to stop and help a little girl on the street should be taken as proof that men are innately worse at empathising, rather than proof that men are being discouraged from building up rapport with young children in our society, then why should we feel that men's absence from family life is a problem?

When was this woman last in touch with real life? Yer average man in the street cannot stop to take care of a little girl without being torn apart by a rampaging mob or prosecuted for being a paedophile.

Don’t believe me? This story from the US, courtesy of Kim du Toit:

A man who grabbed a 14-year-old girl’s arm to chastise her after she walked in front of his car, causing him to swerve to avoid hitting her, must register as a “sex offender,” the Appellate Court of Illinois has ruled.

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I wonder how many men have been labelled as a sex offender and it has ruined their life and they've ended up committing suicide?

I had the exact same thought as I read the article in the paper (about the programme and the experiment) - every time I go to the park it is like a race to get past the children's playing area (the ones the councils haven't closed) so as to not be chased my a pack of vicious single mothers. We've reach a stage where a society men have become afraid to help others for fear their motives are questioned.

BTW Tim you misread the article. That is precisely what she did say. That the fact men did not stop is not to do with empathy but because we are villainised and society has made men irrelevant in family life.
Personally I blame feminists.

Posted by: Monjo | Jul 16, 2005 4:03:13 PM

Hey don't blame the feminists, blame the Daily Mail.

A few years ago I found a crying lost girl (about 10) in the high street, I walked up to her at the same time as a man who'd also noticed her. I said I'd look after her, and the man kind of looked relieved. I suspect he wanted to help, but was aware of the possibility of being seen as a bad man. As a woman, I thought I'd be in the clear, in helping her there was no risk to me.

Posted by: a | Jul 16, 2005 8:20:50 PM