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July 31, 2005

Britblog Roundup # 24.

Welcome one and all to the 24 th Britblog Roundup. Yes, your home for a peek at the glories of British and Irish blogging over the past week and, as you may have heard, soon to become a book for the edification of the Muggled masses who have not yet absorbed the magic of Blogwarts!

(Honest, real book, real publisher ’n’ all.)

If you’d like to nominate something for next week simply send the URL to britblog AT gmail DOT com. Any subject, any viewpoint, just something that we all should be having a closer look at, something we might have missed. Blogs written by citizens or residents of the four nations on our Isles are eligible.

First up has to be Slugger O’Toole’s coverage of the IRA statement. Not only did they get it online before all the majors the comments section discusses exactly what it means. Sterling stuff.

Scott Burgess has claimed another scalp with his investigation into Dilpazier Aslam. This time, the Executive Editor of the Guardian, Albert Scarpino.

Robin Grant has spotted something important. When faced with a choice between protecting oil and power or freedom and liberty, which way did the Bush Administration go? You might be surprised.

Several people recommended this Harry’s Place post from Brownie. Controversial and impassioned. As always at this blog the comments deserve a read as well.

Clive Davis has some advice on how to improve the US’s image around the world. He’s also opened up his comments section so no one, absolutely no one is to go trolling around. (I promised I’d say this, absolutely no trolling!)

Liberal England continues his plundering of the history books to illustrate present concerns. This time a suicide bomber in Greenwich.

Stumbling and Mumbling hits the dead tree news indutry with a corker. A sane and rational discussion of quite why most journalism is so awful.

Martin Stabe has a very nice piece on whether we need to change the law to deal with terrorism. His quotation comes from the US but should be read by all involved in the debate here.

Third Avenue on the differences in the success of the right in the US and the UK. Perceptive stuff.

An absolutely fascinating discussion of that prehistoric phallus found recently. Seriously, do read it, informed commentary on one of the odder of recent finds. Read it at Alun.

EU Serf is angry, angry both with and about the delightful and fragrant Ms. Booth. Just a thought but can Tony go soon so she can become a judge? Then she won’t be allowed to speak in public.

Mike’s Book’s has a rant at the Guardian.

Wolfie has views on the IRA and their arms dumps. Maybe they should keep them?

Anoneumouse has thrown down the gaunlet to the EU. As of tomorrow it is illegal to advertise tobacco on the inernets. So, let’s all advertise tobacco on the internets.

Actually Existing with a long essay on Iraq and terrorism. Closely argued and well worth the time.

Nosemonkey on why cliches are hard to avoid at the moment. Yes, 1984 and CCTV.

Paul Davies at Make My Vote Count starts off promisingly ("What do you get if you cross politics and the media") and continues with a thought provoking essay.

Jarndyce puts the kybosh on one more of the conspiracy theories before he offs for his jollies in Wales (umm, can you have jollies in Wales?)

Wonko’s World has started a campaign, one we might all want to join in with. Email Google to get them to allow England to be in the country list for blogger profiles.

Gandalf applies Bayesian statistics to the decision of whether to shoot a suspected suicide bomber or not. An unsettling conclusion.

Yusuf Smith at The Sharperner lays into the Evening Standard. Very much looking at the whole picture from the other side. Check the comments section too.

Bloggerheads takes the recent ICE idea for your mobile phones and adjusts it to deal with the new reality. Not to be missed.

Suz Blog intertwines domestic trivia with a lesson on a word new to the English language. Something of a surprise to me actually, how West African words are moving into the argot.

Harry Hutton has advice for courting swains. Apparently money lasts longer than looks.

Twenty Major has important advice for the Irish blogosphere. Take heed, we wouldn’t want those sorts of things to go on over here now would we?

Finally, Scaryduck has problems with pie retention.

And that’s it from this week’s Britblog Roundup. Get your votes in early for what should be in next week’s to britblog AT gmail DOT com.

Toodle Pip!

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