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July 24, 2005

Britblog Roundup # 23.

Roll up, roll up! Yes, yes, joy be unconfined, ’tis this week’s installment of the Britblog Roundup. As every week we try to bring you the best of the British and Irish blogs. You can make your nominations to britblog AT gmail DOT com for next week’s, just send in the URL of that post you think we should all be having a look at. Past versions are handily collected here.

Just to let you know one very nice publisher has asked me to create a book version of this to come out just in time to be added to all those Christmas stockings. No toilet in the land will be complete without a copy (and yes, I realise that can be taken in a number of ways). I shall be calling on you all to help out, guiding me to those blogs that require inclusion, so please keep an eye open for such requests. You will also be able to EARN MONEY by selling copies through your blog. So stay tuned, eh?

First up is The Joy of Curmudgeonry. Another take on WWII and appeasement as told by apologists today.

Then there’s the charmingly named Eggs Akimbo. We all know what we think chavs are but our Australian teacher in London asks her pupils what they think chavs are. "British white trash" isn’t far off the mark.

Francis delves deep into music copyright and the perils of monopolies. Long and extremely informative.

Easyjetsetter wants to be known for more than just her sparkly toenails. Yes indeed, she is a policy wonk.

Brian Micklethwait at Samizdata reminds me why I agreed to write for the Globalization Institute.

Chris Applegate comes up with a new one. It’s actually all the fault of bloggers. "It" isn’t exactly defined so yes, I suppose we are all guilty.

Paul continues to apply for Mick Cleary’s job by providing articulate and sensible pieces on international rugby.  Ooops, no, of course, that would disqualify him from that job, wouldn’t it?

Laban Tall is able to "do a Burgess"  and out another Guardian journalist as less than open and honest with their connections and affiliations.

Jarndyce looks, with a little more thought behind his writing than most of us, at the events of Thursday on the Tube.

Both Robin Grant and Nosemonkey were live blogging the bombings that day. I think it should be obvious that both styles of blogging have their place, the immediate reactions and dissemination of news and the considered thoughts afterwards.

Both were also on top of the shooting the next day, along with the distressing (I’m afraid that the news that a 27 year old Brazilian electrician was shot five times in the head by the police made me want to vomit. The bombings themselves made me want to cry in both sorrow and anger. Your reaction may vary.) news that came out Saturday. The Drink-soaked Trotskyite Popinjays for War are more measured in their response than I was and are thus more likely to be correct.

A back and forth at The Sharpener on Islam and the limits of liberalism. Long, intellectual, fair minded, just what you would expect from those guys.

Mike’s Books lays the boot into Ted Heath.

Trees for Labour provides some good advice to Ken Livingstone. Mere truth is not a sufficient justification for a statement.

EU Rota provides the statistics on deaths in Iraq. Who has actually been killing the civilians?

Militant Moderate has further opinions on the Stockwell shooting.

Little Man in a Toque makes contact with his feminine side while getting a haircut. I’m told that in certain Far Eastern countries one can also get in very close touch with someone else’s feminine side in the same situation.

Liberal England has a fascinating little piece of history about aristocratic quiz winners.

Robin Grant and Lenin are , umm, disagreeing, about why and whether to sign a petition.

The Angry Chimp is his normal calm and measured self while providing us with the text of the press conference Tony Blair hasn’t had yet re. the Stockwell shooting. If you don’t do sarcasm then this isn’t for you.

Clive Davis looks at a Dervla Murphy book about Muslims in Yorkshire back in 1985. Most relevant. He also has the latest update on the Scott Burgess/Guardian/Aslam case. Including an email from Jim Treacher. I have to admit the bit about this that I haven’t understood is the Guardian’s reaction. Instead of thanking Scott they’ve attacked him. Why? Would they prefer to carry on paying Aslam? Would they simply prefer that no one had noticed?

Allan Scullion on whether crime is up or down.

Our Katie shows the boys at the Sharpener how to do it. The Future Dictionary of Great Britain.

1. v. To act in a bumbling manner to confuse opponents.
2. n. Penis slang, American

1. n. One possessed of great style and elegance
2. adj. Upper middle class.

Finally, Charlie Whittaker on the Middle Distance.

And that’s it, this week’s Britblog Roundup. Don’t forget to make your choices for next week to britblog AT gmail DOT com and please do think about posts and blogs from the past year that you think should go into the anthology. Waterstone’s has already agreed to stock it  so if there’s someone you think I don’t know about but should, please let me know. (I’ve only got 130 pieces so far so a few more needed!)

Toodle Pip!

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Actually, the Future dictionary is a purely collaborative effort. Neither of the examples you picked out, for, um, example, were written by me.

Posted by: Katie Bartleby | Jul 24, 2005 5:53:48 PM

Hey Tim, thanks for the nod - much appreciated (not being sarcastic now-btw)

Congrats on the book thing, sounds very exciting.

Anyway...bye...bye Tim... did I say how much I love this blog?... did I...

Bye... you do the best blogging around...honestly....

Erm... will creeping endlessly get me in the book? Or will I need people to actually visit and like my blog and then recommend it?

Look everyone, I'm just asking - Don't pretend like it's not what you're all thinking.

Tar again.

Posted by: hergesmith | Jul 24, 2005 6:14:24 PM

Ugh, forgot to send mine in time. Durn...nice round-up mate.

Posted by: Andrew Ian Dodge | Jul 24, 2005 9:30:01 PM