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June 24, 2005

What’s Wrong With Europe.

I’ve cracked it. I now know what is wrong with the European Union.

As ever, it’s the little details that lead to the grand truth. At Margot’s blog she asks for help in getting her youngest to do his homework:

Now I know everything I need to know about molluscs. (No – I am NOT talking about colleagues …! ;–) ) I am talking about helping my youngest son with his Biology homework.
Do you have any good advice on how to convince an 11-year old that this is necessary knowledge and that he has to study until he understands what he is reading? (I have already heard about bribes, threats and violence!). And that speed is not the crucial element in learning. “Patience is not really my thing” is his motto and I recognize it only too well from my own school days…We both enjoy much more lying side by side reading an exciting novel each.

Now I realise that this is the fluffy bit, the "Ah, how cute" addition to make us realise quite how human and interesting the Vice-President’s life is. But really, evidence of the most astounding incompetence.

You live in the land of moules frites and you can’t get an 11 year old boy interested in molluscs?

What more evidence do we need? The problem of Europe, the problem within the European Union, stems from the fact that we are ruled by the obviously incompetent, fluffy though they may be.

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"helping my youngest son with his Biology homework": helping with homework is a pernicious nonsense and should be stamped out by the EU, soonest.

Posted by: dearieme | Jun 24, 2005 12:46:04 PM

Not only incompetent, but also full of 'progressive' rubbish, as evidenced by her words during her speech at Theresienstadt during the commemoration of the Holocaust, when she said " the Second World War was caused, not by the ambitions of Adolf Hitler and his panzer divisions, but by "nationalistic pride and greed, and àn international rivalry for wealth and power". If this is the sort of rubbish that she believes, the poor child in her home should be removed into care forthwith!

Posted by: Mike Cunningham | Jun 24, 2005 5:49:19 PM

Can't do it I'm afraid, Mike. Odd views aren't enough, otherwise we'd have foster homes full of children whose parents believe in invisible beings called God.

Posted by: mrs mcmuffin | Jun 24, 2005 8:13:52 PM

Notice however how she is consistent. The poor child clearly has his head screwed on right. I can see no reason to force learning about molluscs on everyone.But Margot clearly feels this is NECESSARY KNOWLEDGE and by gum he has to learn it. Progressives are the sort of carers who will beet you to a bloody pulp for your own good.

Posted by: Daemon | Jun 25, 2005 10:57:02 PM