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June 30, 2005

Weekend Competition.

Soon, all your Europe will belong to us.

Some months ago Richard North began to refer to Margot Wallstrom as the Fragrant One. I stole borrowed the basic concept and expanded it into "The Ever Blessed and Fragrant" Margot, or TEBAF for short and then started using it here, at Techcentralstation and in the comments section at her blog.

Lo and behold, a speech by TEBAF yesterday:

But on my blog, which is open to anyone to comment on, some of the commentators call me other things.
….or with a changed tone of voice…. “the Ever Blessed and Fragrant Margot Wallström.” I would call that an example of the art of the
subtle insult…

I think we’re all in rather more trouble than we realised. One of those who run Europe actually thinks that Tim Worstall is subtle?

Still, now that we’ve managed to open the communication channel, got the Commissioner listening, chanelling our words even, a few more phrases that we could ask her to use in future speeches, some suggestions for the scribes:

1) Yes, you’re right, the whole EU was a bad idea.
2) We evacuate Brussels in 15 minutes.
3) All quotas and tariffs on imports are hereby abolished (it is a Commission sole competence so we can do that).
4) We’ve finally hired an accountant who can do double entry book keeping.
5) We won’t fire that accountant when they do double entry book keeping.
6) CAP is abolished.
7) Eurocrats (both politicians and employees) will pay full tax in the countries where they are resident.
8) Free trade (of goods, labour, capital and services) between Stockholm and Siena is a good idea. We now understand that free trade between Stockholm, Siena and Shanghai (and San Francisco, Soweto, Santiago and Sydney) is the same idea and is thus also good. So we have abolished the Zollverein.
9) That Constitution thing. Well, yes.
10) It really all was a bad idea, sorry it took us so long to realise. We’re outta’ here and sorry for taking the entire Continent for a ride for the past 50 years.

Further thoughts in the comments for our weekend competition.

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(11): oh yes, and we hereby abolish Luxembourg.

Posted by: dearieme | Jun 30, 2005 3:57:56 PM

We have learned that the correct identification of the word "NO" is not "We'll ask the question again, later on when everyone has forgotten the reply for the first time," and equally "They didn't understand the question/document/proposal, so we have to get the 'correct answer'"; but instead will accept that "No" really does mean "NO"!

Posted by: Mike Cunningham | Jun 30, 2005 4:06:53 PM

Clearly this competition is far too difficult for anyone to understand...therefore we must sent it across the blogosphere and allow people to vote about just which parts they don't understand.

Posted by: Jay Currie | Jul 1, 2005 3:51:44 AM