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June 02, 2005

The League of Nations.

Noted this comment at Democracy Arsenal:

the 0 th law of things the UN does well:

It continues to exist and is still a viable conduit of International, multlateral communication. As a contrary proof: consider world history after the demise of the League of Nations.

Hhhmm. Via Wikipedia:

At a meeting of the Assembly in 1946, the League dissolved itself and its services, mandates, and property were transferred to the UN.

Hhhmm. Demise of the League of Nations equals the beginning of the good times. Odd that, really.

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"a viable conduit of International, multlateral communication": but we've got the Web now.

Posted by: dearieme | Jun 2, 2005 2:34:04 PM

Make UN payments optional.

Have a 1% income-tax cut, or pay for the UN.

Lets see how many want free trade coffee instead for tarriff Kofi.

Posted by: Rob Read | Jun 2, 2005 5:27:56 PM