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June 19, 2005

The Army Patrolling the Streets.

Lessee if I’ve got this clear. We’re in the middle of a war. We’ve got a number of overseas placements going on. The Army is below recruitment numbers. The Army is stretched very thin, people are not getting home postings, units are not getting the training time they need. So what does the Maximum Leader decide?

Ministers have ordered the Army on to the streets to join an all-out summer campaign against anti-social drunken and violent behaviour by yobs.

OK, OK, just another manifestaion of Tommy this and Tommy that and it’s Mr Atkins...well, you know the rest.

But I think that it is actually proof positive that Bliar has lost it, time for him to go. No, I don’t think that a few squddies harrassing the drunks on a Saturday night is a great breach of our liberties, no, it isn’t the beginnings of the fascist state.....but that is what it looks like. It’s the tone (sorry) of the idea...the Army out on the streets keeping public order is not something we associate with our (coff, coff) free and pleasant land, it’s something we do associate with the unfree lands where military control of the populace is necessary to stop them lynching El Jefe.

Bad, bad idea and the fact that he’s seriously proposed it means he’s lost it. Byeee!

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It is not the Army out on the streets, it is a few Military Police helping the local bobbies because of the large number of drunken squaddies getting into fights with local riffraff. Go to Colchester, Catterick and Aldershot on a Friday/Saturday and you will see the same thing has been going on for years. What is really annoying is that yet again the Army are being drafted in to do a job that the Police should be doing but they can't because their officers are too busy behind desks keeping up with the torrent of NuLab paperwork. We pay ever increasing amounts in tax on everything udner the sun and we see nothing as a result. Who has the money?????

"Come zer revolution dear Comrade ve haf zer list of zos like Blair zat made zer Army vork zo 'ard for little monies uns ve vill zort zem out!"

Posted by: dave t | Jun 19, 2005 11:18:22 AM

Indeed in Colchester it *is* the army out on the streets who are the ones getting drunk and violent. Damn squaddies.

Posted by: Monjo | Jun 20, 2005 2:10:33 PM

Well since the time of the Romans there have been damm squaddies out on the streets of Colie getting drunk - bugger all to do otherwise there! Nice town but regarded as a punishment posting particularly since they moved the Paras from Aldershot to Colie! Aldershot is so QUIET now! 8-)

Posted by: dave t | Jun 20, 2005 8:28:36 PM

MoD statement on this

Posted by: dave t | Jun 20, 2005 9:39:19 PM