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June 22, 2005

Software Patent Conference.

So, at the invitation of TCS I am now blogging at you from the heart of the belly of the beast, central Brussels. I´ve already been through the EU Parliament building and am now listening to Pat Cox, ex-President of that august (augean?) institution talking about the software patents directive which is coming up for a vote in the P.

He seems to be very much in favour of it .......apparently the only thing between the utter destitution of Europe and a bounteous future is the ability of people to patent software.

I have to say I´m not convinced. More as I find out more.

Too many references and jokes about Liverpool/AC Milan though.

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Software patents are a terrible idea.

The will destroy innovation by small companies, and will raise costs higher.

They MUST be strongly opposed by anyone who wants to see a strong future for IT. Only an idiot corporatist would support software patents, which probably means the commision will love them.

Posted by: Rob Read | Jun 22, 2005 11:40:10 AM