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June 07, 2005

Raise the Driving Age.

Much as I am enamoured of our legal system, thinking that it compares favourably with vile duress under which our continental cousins suffer, there is always that one odd judge capable of making me stop and reconsider:

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall, QC, was speaking at Cardiff Crown Court when he banned Ricky Boon, 18, from driving for five years for his involvement in a 95mph race.

The judge told him: "At 24 you may just be suitable to sit behind the wheel of a car. It seems to me that that is about the first time young men should drive. Everybody knows young men and motor cars just do not go together. One wonders how many dead or badly injured people there have to be before insurance companies or Parliament say enough is enough."

No doubt voting at 30 and sex at 50 to follow.

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