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June 18, 2005

Prancing and Preening.

Like all blogs this one turns up as the number 1 result on google for some fairly odd things. Naughty naughty nanny is one, or at least it was at one time and I have no doubt that many visitors were slightly disappointed to find out that I was talking about the Nanny State, not things of a more, err, sexual nature.

There is however one that I am inordinately proud of, that if people go looking for the most famous utterance of Sir Richard Mottram, indeed, if they go looking for the only thing of value he ever appears to have done, they will end up here.

The proof is here.

Beating into second, third, fourth etc places the Groan, Observer, Torygraph, Mail, Standard....excellent that we can keep alive such a glorious moment in our nation’s political history in such an edifying manner.

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The best I can manage is being No.4 on a Google search for moot point.

Here's why.

Posted by: Tim Newman | Jun 18, 2005 4:32:37 PM