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May 28, 2005

Tsunami Problems.

The Telegraph carries three stories on problems in Sri Lanka over the distribution of aid following the tsunami. Bureaucracy apparently causing the problems. No, nothing to do with the UN, purely home grown stuff. An illustration, in fact, of why the place is so poor at all. An illustration, in fact, of why aid in and of itself is not the solution (or rather, not the entire solution), for here we have a situation where money simply is not a problem. There are sufficient resources to do everything necessary. Yet it is not getting done. Sometimes it really is the system at fault, not the poverty or the lack of wealth and resources.

Certainly, from the way the stories are presented, one could conclude that rather less governance is needed. But then I would say that wouldn’t I, as I generally believe that less governance is the solution to most problems. Still, nice to see a real world example to support my prejudices (and no, this does not mean I am happy that people are suffering so).

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You don't know the half of it. There are a lot of "officials" around Asia driving new cars and so on........

Posted by: Harry Barracuda | May 28, 2005 10:07:23 AM