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May 28, 2005

Something to Share.

Way back I had a post on the question and answer session that Aldeia Guevara did for The Guardian. This comment on it arrived overnight, too good not to share:

Woah! If you think that you're definition of "democracy" in its true representative form, is applicable only to those societies which a) have multiple parties not which represent constituents and "the people", rather the wealthy campaign donators who fund them...and b) free and fair (???) elections which elect the Head of State (i.e Bush II because that was obviously free and fair!!)...then you are the deluded one. It appears that the desire to create a society NOT modelled on GREED and excessive individualism to the detriment of collectiveism and focusing on society, is not acceptable by you. I thought the essence of "democracy" (a Greek word and it may pay you to actually UNDERSTAND what it means in Greek before you mouth off with your preposterous commentary!)is a government by the people. Well dear sir, if the PEOPLE want individuals to represent their localities and NOT parties,(those wretched things which have bastardised the concept of representation), then they should be able to. My guess is that you fear a society better educated, more alert, and not susceptible to BULL**** fed by a mass media machine which is "free" (hilarious!), in other words a propaganda machine! If only other nations could follow Cuba's example, then maybe we wouldn't have a degraded society void of any real emotion, community values, and appreciation for life in general....not this rampant materialism which has created a desperate society constantly fearing the scarcity of goods and caught in a vicious cycle of accumulation, debt, and a sense of feeling one is NEVER good enough, pretty enough, smart enough,,,or ever having enough. Not to mention a society which has ravaged the planet to the point of collapse. I'm tipping "depression" and "alienation" are not common ailments that Cuban society suffers from....but I can bet your society is! You can keep your perceived freedoms...because that's all they are..false perceptions keeping you trapped in a box full of ill conceived theories and beliefs. Good luck to you. Keep your society how you want it...and let others get on with their own without your constant drivel and interference.

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All together now, sing, "The quota has been attained."

Posted by: Mark Holland | May 28, 2005 9:06:34 AM

Wow. I thought he might be talking up the superiority of some system of proportional representation, or the differences between presidential/parliamentary systems.

But Cuba? Luddites in science and technology are scary enough... but in politics, well, the comment verges on the bizarre.

Posted by: Tom Fuller | May 28, 2005 9:28:27 AM

I wonder which society she is writing this from. Not a Cuban one, I'll wager.

Posted by: Tim Newman | May 28, 2005 11:27:36 AM

North London I'll wager.
I'll also wager that she doesn't shave her armpits.

Posted by: James | May 28, 2005 5:13:57 PM