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May 15, 2005

Britblog Roundup # 13

That time of the week again and it’s the Britblog Roundup number 13....I assume this means that a Jumbo lands on my head as I type, 13 being such a lucky number and all.

First up is a recommendation from Murkee, a post from Stodge. He was sitting next to John Peel when he had his fatal heart attack. Just what do you do when such a thing happens?

Clive Davis wants us all to know that he has moved.

Katie recommends this powerful piece from petiteanglaise, stumbling across the remains of a hotel fire which killed 22 people in Paris.

Dave Hadley points us to Musings from Middle England who is outraged at the latest reality TV show. Quite rightly I might add.

Richard North and Helen Szamuely at EU Referendum have managed a first for euro-blogging.  Their dogged pursuit of allegations about connections between Sr. Barroso and the Latsis family made not just the papers, but will now lead to a full debate in the European Parliament into the President of the European Commission. It remains to be seen what will actually happen but this may be the Trent Lott moment on this side of the pond.

Politicalog looks into the new craze of "Happy Slappin’" and is not, as one might suspect, terribly impressed.

Alfie the OK’s election report rounds off his story of standing as an independent in the recent election. I had this earmarked to go in myself and Gareth Young describes it thus:

This isn't just blogging, it's comedy genius.  It had me crying.  He's undisputed blogging champion of Britain as far as I am concerned.

EU Rota has been running a series of statisitics of the day. What appears to be the difference between the Angle American and the European way of running an economy? One, Two, Three and Four. Fascinating stuff as we begin the debate on whether we should be getting closer to Europe or not.

Growing Old Disgracefully on the frustrations of mixing music tracks. Apparently power drills are useful.

Patrick Crozier takes issue with the idea that there were no tactical innovations in WWI. Reading the list he gives it does seem strange that the idea ever got started.

Jarndyce spots a very cunning piece of work by interrogators at Guantanamo (telling the truth, fiendish, eh?). Sharp eyes that boy.

Jim Bliss, in something of a turn up for the books, is advising us all to vote UKIP next time. Fun logic he uses to get there too.

Tina at Cakesniffers Beware is less than impressed with a fundamentalist Christian. I do mean a great deal less than.

Joe Dunckley looks at the recent decision to ban certain types of clothes from being worn in public places. Not quite what you might expect.

A Very British Insurgency (I think that means you say sorry as you insurge) explains how neo-liberal or not the new Constitution is. Depends which end of the spectrum one is viewing from really.

Nick Barlow has a competition for us. Who can get Jack Straw to make sense?

Aunty Marianne describes the oppression and discrimination to which the British are subject in Brussels. Disturbing reading.

Polis-tricks on celebrities, development uses this delightful variation on an old phrase:

I don't care whether or not my leader buys his wife flowers. I care about his or her ability to lead the upwards trajectory of micturation in a brewery, and his or her ability to lead the people out of this third-rate slavery by celebritisation.

Blithering Bunny has mined the Guardian’s job pages to show where your tax money goes. Not far, given the salaries.

Alex Harrowell continues the fight against government censorship. Feel free to join in.

Chicken Yoghurt decides that he really doesn’t like Blair at all. Comparing him to Major might be an insult too far.

Martin Keegan (slightly old but I’ve only just found it) has an interesting way of saving the subjunctive.

Chris Lightfoot, now that the elections are over, returns us to the planet of idiocy.

And that’s it, the Britblog Roundup for this week. Get your entries in for next week to britblog AT gmai DOT com. We’re looking for what you think are the best posts from UK and Irish blogging so that we can all keep up with the best of what is being produced out there.

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