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April 20, 2005

The Che Pinochet Photoshop.

Following on from yesterday’s request for someone with photoshop skills come our first two entries.

From Mr and Mrs McMuffin


And over at Strange Stuff another take on the same  theme.

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Tim Worstall wants a Che Pinochet image and has got a couple. Since I'm too late to that particular party may I suggest a slight boradening of the range to include Geberal Pinochet's friend the Iron Lady [Read More]

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Now how about a remake of "An Officer and a Gentleman", set in the Valparaiso Military School in the 1930s, about a handsome young cadet called Augusto Pinochet Urarte and his winning ways with the ladies? Somehow, I don't think the claim that the story took place decades before the "hero" began indulging in torture and murder would do much to stifle the howls of protests from critics, the media and human rights activists. But it might be worth a try. Given the box office receipts and warm reception "The Motorcycle Diaries" got, there's obviously a market for this kind of thing...

Posted by: J.Cassian | Apr 20, 2005 12:02:36 PM