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April 24, 2005

Britblog Roundup # 10

Welcome to this week’s Britblog Roundup! ’Tis the tenth attempt at bringing you the best posts by the citizens and residents of the four nations that make up these Isles, and you can send in your nominations for next week’s roundup to britblog AT gmail DOT com. We’re looking for whatever you think should be brought to wider attention, any subject, any viewpoint, just things that you think deserve a wider audience, should not be left to moulder in obscurity.

We have also managed to achieve sponsorship for this event (hey, that must mean we’re getting somewhere, right? Ed) so please, a big Thank You to You Software who are sponsoring this post!
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First up is EU-Serf who wonders whether an organisation that does not have a constitution can be said to suffer from a constitutional crisis. He also introduces me to the word "federast" which seems a useful and entertaining addition to the language.

A very decent piece of captioning from The England Project.

Laban Tall is, how to put this, less than happy? with the outcome of the Charlotte Wyatt case.

Clive Davis on race and the election. An interesting view from a thoughtful commentator, one with direct and personal experience of the problems. That he grew up round the corner from me in Bath (no, we’ve not met) means he must be fabulous anyway.

Random Reactions looks at the implications of long-distance learning methods. As he says, they’vebeenaround a long time and they should be getting more popular. (Aside, did you know that Robert Mugabe’s degrees came from London University, studied while he was in jail? Ed)

EU Referendum has the breaking story on the connections between Jose Barroso and John Latsis. The research that went into this post formed the basis of the Christopher Booker column in the Telegraph today (as you might know, Richard North and CB have been long time collaborators.)

Nick Barlow provides the real Mark Lawson column on blogging. It was indeed sad to see the Guardian paying good money for that piece. There’s 500 of us could have done it better.(Link at Nick’s)

Breaking try from a blog, Blimpish is on a stunning roll. Apprently he’s just worked out how to photoshop or something, and provides us with a fantastic newspaper, and a series of the real election posters, Tory, Lib Dem and Labour. Both savage and well done.

Attempting Escape has invented a new game. Bibles and alcohol are involved.

Blithering Bunny has a long piece on trickle down economics, supply side, Laffer curve...no, don’t run away, interesting stuff. Tim Lambert gets involved as do others in a cat fight over whether reduced tax rates have ever lead to an increase in revenue collected.

John Band at Shot by Both Sides picks up on Boris Johnson’s howler in the Telegraph. Don’t these people have editors?

Village Hampden continues his recent run of great research, this time on how changes in EU rules will lead to a great expansion of things upon which VAT must be charged.

Liberal England is back in harness, highlighting just where the tax money goes, 150k a year just to tell people where the local parks are.

An extremely, errm, robust, set of views expressed at Niconoclast. I’d have to say I’m with Voltaire on a lot of this.

Francis suggests, from his bolthole on the Cote D’Azure (link to him guys, flights are cheap to there now, never know when you might want to use the spare bedroom) a series of St George’s Day posts. plus Alfred the OK notices something.

Natalie Solent (you know, that one that can both write and sew) points to Oliver Kamm on the Galloway/King fight and to an excellent piece of her own on the Biased BBC site. Would be a great script to make for a video cast. Any offers?

Jon Barnard looks at the election in Putney, the combination of local and national factors that make the race tight. (note to youse guys. Please send the URL to me, not the trackback, thanks!). Calls the seat for the Tories.

Murky points out the stats on a Lib Dem vote allowing the Tories in and also runs some numbers through the UK Elect site. The system is heavily weighted towards Labour at present.

Phil at Cabalamat also tackles the same subject, doing the maths on tactical voting and seings.

Blood and Treasure looks at the women’s mags and the preoccupations of their readers. Going to be a difficult demographic to get interested in politics.

Jarndyce has an interesting take on the rapper/Big Mac deal. What with all the Mary Jane (sorry, I’m 30 years out of date with the terminology) floating round the rap scene, I do wonder why they actually have to advertise Big Macs at all.

A Welshman in Milan received a superb version of the Nigerian 419 letter. Silvio is obviously worried.

Arthur’s Seat has the winners of his Mini Saga contest that appeared here a few weeks back. Worthy winners all, even a Mini Saga about Mini Sagas.

Andrew Ian Dodge has his album in the can, on the hard drive, whichever. There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as making good music.

And that’s it! The tenth Britblog Roundup is there for your viewing pleasure. You can sign up for regular reminders at: [email protected] and can send in your nominations for next week to britblog At gmail DOT com.

And a very big Thank You to You Software who are the sponsors of this post!
You Perform: 15 Essential Outlook Add-ins ­ "An Essential Outlook Turbocharger" ­ PC Magazine

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