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March 08, 2005

Our Google Bomb Breaks Into the Mainstream!

Vicki Woods in the Telegraph:

Please excuse my unparliamentary language, but if you type "f**kwit" into Google, the internet search engine, something funny happens. Made me laugh, anyway. I'm afraid you have to spell out the vulgarism in full and then press SEARCH. Up pops a list of 68,000 websites all referencing the word. Except for one.

The topmost site on the page is the official website - www.number10-gov.uk - of the Rt Hon John Prescott MP, with his besuited official picture and all the links to his many jobs as Deputy PM and Lord Comptroller of the English Regions. Naturally, the offending word doesn't appear anywhere on his site.

This is what computer geeks call a Googlebomb.

Mr Prescott has been Googlebombed purely for the fun of making other geeks laugh. And it will take yet another geek, working on behalf of the Labour Party, to defuse the bomb and cleanse his website.

Whoohoo! The word is out now!
I shall write and ask who told her about this, could be from our Parliamentary contact, could be Sam Leith, could be Christopher Booker, all of whom have been advised.

If you would like to see the why and wherefore of the matter, look back here for the full details. Just one slight correction for Ms. Woods...while there was no malice involved it was more of an education campaign than just for a laugh and I would struggle to rise to the level of geekdom.

Update: Vicki very kindly responds to an email and points out that the non-attribution was to protect us from the revenge of the Nu Labour machine. Now that that is out of the way, Bring it on Guys, Bring it On!

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In the piece Vicki Woods actually says she's been a blog reader for a while. She's even commented at the Briff's today. http://publicinterest.blogspot.com/2005/03/vicki-woods-has-strange-hobby-i-read.html

BTW, you want to sue for a cut of her pay for that article it reckon ;-)

Posted by: Mark Holland | Mar 8, 2005 1:25:02 PM

Well done, Tim.

Posted by: Backword Dave | Mar 8, 2005 5:13:47 PM