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March 29, 2005

News From the Belly of the Beast.

Apparently David Monkcom is slightly worried about the commenters at TEBAF (The Ever Blessed And Fragrant) Margot Wallstrom’s blog. That would be people like me, Christopher Booker, Richard North, James Archer, The Toffee Womble, Elaib, and well, the rest of us raucous oiks with the temerity to hurl abuse and invective at Le Grand Project. Not at Margot herself you understand, but at the project.

Now David actually works for Margot, and has been one of the pro-European Union commenters at the site. It’s fair enough that a man defends the system that provides him with a living but it would have been nice to know where his income came from before he started posting, rather than after someone had checked the staff register. Anyway, all this leads to a nugget dug up by England Expects:

Margot's blog: get involved!
Did you know that Vice-President Wallström is writing a twice-weekly "web log" (or "blog")? Please check it out on her page of Europa, and join in the very lively debates going on there!
Hundreds or even thousands of people visit this site every day, apparently, but so far most of the comments posted there are from anti-EU individuals, some of them legal experts or journalists. So far, very few of us pro-EU people seem to be willing to face the sceptics, reply to their arguments or answer their very probing questions.
So, dear colleagues, especially you economists and lawyers out there, please take a look at this "blog" and respond to our critics!

David Monkcom / DG PRESS (23/3/2005)

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